ENT formed in January 1985 at the beginning of the UK Grindcore explosion, with a line up consisting of Dean Jones and Phil Vane as dual vocalists, Pete Hurley (g), Jerry Clay (b) and Pigkiller (d).
At their first live show they were spotted by Manic Ears Records and they recorded their first release the now classic "Earslaughter" LP that pioneered the grindcore dual vocal grunt and scream attack, which soon became E.N.T.'s trademark.
E.N.T. then went on to tour extensively, mainly with fellow noise merchants NAPALM DEATH and CARCASS and at this point Mick Harris from NAPALM DEATH joined as drummer. They then caught the attention of John Peel and recorded their 1st 'Peel Session' and then the 'Holocaust In Your Head' album.
By now Mick had been replaced by Stick from DOOM and after touring as far worldwide as Japan, in 1990 they recorded the savagely raw 'Phonophobia' album.
At this point the K.L.F. who were currently No.1 in the U.K. charts asked them to record a new version of '3AM Eternal' with them to be released as a limited edition 7" single. The single won single of the week in both N.M.E. and Melody maker and E.N.T. were asked to perform it live at the 1992 Brit Awards which made national press headlines when they fired blank machine gun bullets at the audience and caused chaos at the after show party.
The two bands went on to record a full album together titled 'The Black Room' but it was never released as just before its completion the K.L.F. announced their retirement from the music world.
ENT went on to record two more "Peel Sessions" and signed to Earache records to record a 'best of' album of re-recorded material in 1995 titled 'Retrobution'. After an extensive U.S. tour, which had taken its toll on the band, there was a big line up change with Sargenson (ex-CRADLE OF FILTH) joining as drummer, Ali Firouzbahkt (ex-RAW NOISE) replacing Pete on guitar and Barney from NAPALM DEATH joining on vocals, literally swapping places with Phil Vane who joined NAPALM DEATH. It was now 1997 and E.N.T. spontaneously recorded the "Damage 381" album with this line up.
Shortly after this Barney rejoined NAPALM DEATH and E.N.T. underwent more changes to make the current line-up with Zac O'Neil replacing Was on drums and Gian Pyres from CRADLE OF FILTH teaming up with the band to play lead guitar on the new album.
With a stronger than ever line-up ENT are now back with an album that will mark a new beginning. "Being & Nothing" (released in March 2001) is the fastest and most savagely brutal E.N.T. album to date. Be warned: this is some heavy stuff. This is Extreme Noise Terror with a vengeance.