The band started autumn 1988 under the name BEYOND. They released a porta-demo called "Birth Of The Dead" summer 1990. The line-up was Dan Larsson (v), Johan Jansson - (g), John Forsberg (g), Tomas Änstgård (b) and Sonny Svedlund (d).
They did some gigs with BEYOND until they change the line-up autumn 1990. Dan Larsson (vocals) and Tomas Änstgård (bass) left the band. Then Johan handled both vox and guitar and Michael Gunnarsson joined on bass. Then they decided to change name to INTERMENT.

In February 1991 they entered the famous Sunlight Studio in Stockholm to record their first real demotape, "Where Death Will Increase". Tomas Skogsberg did a great work and the demo was spread around with very good reviews and response. In the end of the year Sonny left the band and Kennet Englund joined instead on drums.

The next year 1992, they booked Sunlight Studio again, but Tomas promised too much cause he have many bands at the same time and so on. Then they decided to change studio to Gorysound and work with Dan Swanö instead. The "Forward To The Unknown" demo was done. This time the songs was much faster and the guitars more lowtuned. A rockvideo was made in May for the song "Infestering Flesh". It was a project with ABF and Musikhuset and the video won a cool price.
Like the first demo they sent it to many labels without a deal. The concurrance was hard in the early 90ies because there wasn't so many labels as nowadays and the Deathmetal scene grow as hell...

In 1993 the band started to fall apart. They did some rehearsals and worked on new songs but then they took a rest. Johan worked on the songs at home and in the end of the year they started to rehearse again.
This was the last recording, just for putting the new songs on tape. Once again they worked with Dan Swanö in Unisound/Gorysound. This time Johan only wanted to concentrate on his guitarwork why he asked Jens Törnroos (UNCANNY, UNCURBED) to do the vocals.

After the recording the band split up. Some of the members were already in other bands at the time. Johan and Michael, played in their punkband UNCURBED. Johan and Kennet also have their doomproject MOONDARK which later becomed DELLAMORTE. Michael, Kennet and Johan had a grind/gore project called PYOSISFIED. They recorded a porta-demo and played live once. They sounded like the old CARCASS. John had different projectbands like ASTMA, MORGUE etc...

since 2002
In the Spring 2002, Johan wanted to unite INTERMENT again at least for a new recording of the old songs and some new stuff. Everybody were excited, so they started to rehearse again with hopes of a release.

After some years of rare rehearsals and lazyness, Daryl from FUNEBRARUM hooked us up and wanted to release the old demotapes as a Discography CD on his own label Morbid Wrath. At the same time he suggested to make a split release with his band FUNEBRARUM. So finally we got our asses into the Black Lounge studio in April/May where we recorded 5 new songs included an outro. Eternal thanx and gratefulness to Jonas Kjellgren who make that recording possible!! The split CD was out on Conqueror Of Thorn records in January 2007 and it's called "Conjuration of the Sepulchral"...

INTERMENT did their first gig since 1992 at Daniel Ekeroth's release party for his book "Swedish Death Metal". The gig was at Kafe 44 in Stockholm 26/1 (2007) together with the legends of GROTESQUE and NIRVANA 2002! It was an awesome evening and a hell of a party with all the elites from the oldschool Swedish Death Metal scene... hail satan!!

In April 2007 we decided to recruit a new bassplayer because of Mattias lack of time. He have his ass full with KATATONIA and we understand his situation. So from now and on it's Martin Schulman from DEMONICAL (ex CENTINEX) who's raking the bass.

INTERMENT played at Party San Metal-Open Air XIII 2007 in Bad Berka in Germany. It was the first time ever to cross the Swedish border to explore the foreign domains... this is just the beginning of the Deathmetal madness!!

(stolen from www.myspace.com/intermenthorde)