1997 (24. November) - Story: A Collection (Century Media)

Format: CD

1. Noose (from "Down")
2. Nepenthe (from "Amok")
3. Sun Won't Shine (from "Down")
4. Dance on the Graves (from "Amok")
5. The Way I Wanna Go (from "Love & Death")
6. White Wedding (from "Love & Death")
7. My Sky is Darker than Thine (from "North From Here")
8. The Trooper (IRON MAIDEN cover) (from "The Trooper")
9. New Age Messiah (from "Amok")
10. Desert By Night (from "The Trooper")
11. No Tomorrow (unreleased track 1996)
12. The Truth (from "Shadows Of The Past")
13. Awating the Winter Frost (from "North From Here")
14. Crumbling Down (Give Up Hope) (from "Down")
15. In Memoriam (from "The Trooper")