Formed in 1994 from the ashes of Neftuwitch and the legendary Exmortis, the band was quickly signed to Thrash Corner Records before playing a single show. This union resulted in 1994's critically acclaimed Sounds of Eerie. This explosive and now classic debut catapulted the band to the front lines of the international death metal underground.

The self-financed first record immediately attracted global attention. Raging reviews from zines and radio in the United States, Europe, Japan, and South America were to follow. Horror of Horrors also provided songs that were released on numerous compilations put out by various labels including Pavement Music. It was during this period which saw the band embarge on an aggressive live performance campaign that included many shows up & down the U.S. east coast and throughout the midwest. Festival apperances were also done that included the band being invited to showcase at the Milwaukee Metal Fest two years in a row. MTV Europe covered the event one year. This warm response was defined in 1996 when readers of The Wild Rag voted Horror of Horrors third best death metal band that year.

The band entrenched themselves as part of the death metal elite alongside the genre's best and well-versed in the most extreme rock music on the planet. The next couple of years saw the release of 1997's Fangs, Breaking the Skin on J-Bird Records and Blood of the Suspicious on Toxic Records/ Negative Entertaintment.

There is no doubt that extreme times call for extreme artistic movements. And in a genre filled with talented & creative musicians past and present, Horror of Horrors remains a classic. They compliment the spirit that the death metal movement represents.

2008: After a self imposed hiatus, Horror of Horrors returns!! Later this year, the band will be heading back into the studio to record ALL NEW material that is sure to annihilate and stay true to it's purist death metal style. More details will be posted as they become available. Contact the band for more info.

(stolen from the official MySpace site)