1992 - Grey Misery (Modern Primitive; Prim 1)
(2004 rereleased as CD with "Inside The Labyrinths..." + "Depts Of God" on Xtreem Music)

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LP cover
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Format: LP (black vinyl), CD, MC

Recorded + mixed:
September 1991 at TTT Studio (Helsinki/Finland) by Timo Tolki

Jukka Taskinen (v/g)
Toni Stranius (v/g)
Jussi Selonen (b)
Miska Koski (d)
1. My Dark Paradise
2. Unity's Interlude Dyes Blind Tomorrow
3. Abtruse Myth
4. Obscurity In The Azure
5. The Chasm
6. And Below Rise Eternity
7. Waves of Hypocrisy Seas
8. Debris
9. Immortality's Open Lake
10. Transcendental Dimension