5-way-split with

out on September 23, 2011 !!!!

Split Yourself is a project of five german death metal bands to share the costs of releasing a cd and
to give a little "fuck off" to the price-politics of nowadays mainstream and also underground scene.
Four of five bands recorded exclusive songs for this split-cd, tears of decay remixed some
older songs, that were never officially released. the cd is not meant as an official release,
but as a demo collection to spread the songs on a higher level.

1. Soma
2. Insurrection
3. Blindfold

Cerebric Turmoil
4. Neural Net Meltdown
5. Soul Famine
6. Vile Effect Momentum

7. Grinding Memo
8. Jesus Stole My Tricycle
9. A Nightmare On Alphabet Street
10. Herpialkonstruktion

Very Wicked
11. I Wear Skin
12. The More I sleaze...
13. Mentomotorised
14. Cpt. Housefly And His Crew (live)

Tears Of Decay
15. Deputy Of God
16. Headbango Ergo Sum
17. Suicide Dimension
18. Instinct Of Self-Preservation

get a CD for 8 Euro or 12 Dollars (incl. postage).
Distributors, labels, etc. ask for wholesale prices!
Trades are more than welcome!!!
If you are running a zine, get in contact and I'll send you a digital download link!
send emails to: carnagedeathmetal[at]gmx.de