22. March 2011


HATE ETERNAL will release their new album "Phoenix Amongst The Ashes" on 6./9. May 2011 via Metal Blade Records Europe (May 10 in North America).
The album was recorded at Erik Rutan's Mana Recording Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida and contains the following track listing:
01. Rebirth
02. The Eternal Ruler
03. Thorns of Acacia
04. Haunting Abound
05. The Art of Redemption
06. Phoenix Amongst the Ashes
07. Deathveil
08. Hatesworn
09. Lake Ablaze
10. The Fire of Resurrection

HATE ETERNAL will be touring Europe in support of their new album Phoenix Amongst The Ashes. The tour kicks off April 29th in Würzburg, Germany and will run through May 21st ending in Essen, Germany (see tourdates).

(Metal Blade; 21. March 2011)

German death metallers OBSCENITY have been rejoined by drummer Sascha Knust (also ex-THE AWAKENING, SETHNEFER). The band has also recruited a new guitarist, Christoph Weerts (ex-ASSASINATED) and added Jeff Rudes from Tampa, Florida as vocalist to the line-up.
OBSCENITY is currently demoing material for its eighth album, tentatively titled "All You Can Kill", for a late 2011 release. The group is also seeking a suitable studio to capture what it says will be "a powerful and brutal sound."
A new OBSCENITY demo track, "Homicidal Soldier", can be streamed here.

(Blabbermouth; 20. March 2011)

USA's very own horror inspired death metal cult called NECROPHAGIA concludes the line-up of Neurotic Deathfest 2011. A total of 42 bands will perform, divided over 2 days and 4 stages in and around the 013 venue. With names such as Autopsy, At The Gates, Misery Index, Decapitated, Obituary, Atheist and many more the organization has a killer line-up on display. Apart from that NOX have decided to change back into their old moniker CENTURIAN. This also means they will not perform any NOX songs any longer. So expect a set full of old classics such as ‘Hail Caligula’, ‘Of Purest Fire’ and ‘Hell At Last’ combined with never heard before material from the band. The day-schedule is now online on More information about camping (camping tickets are going really well, don’t wait too long), tickets and more can be found there as well. The actual running order will be posed on this very same site on Monday March 21st.

(Neurotic Deatfhest; 18. March 2011)

VOMITORY have launched the landing page for their long-anticipated eighth studio album Opus Mortis VIII!
Here you can listen to the brand new song "Regorge In The Morgue". There is also pre-order options for Opus Mortis VIII available! Surf over to to check it out!
Produced, engineered and mixed by Rikard Löfgren in his own Leon music studios, Opus Mortis VIII proves to be the best sounding VOMITORY album ever!
Tobias Gustafsson (drums): "For the third time, we worked with Rikard Löfgren in his Leon Music Studios. We raised the bar quite a few notches in the studio - both production-wise and performance-wise, and we couldn't be happier with the result. We are not breaking new death metal ground with this album - that was never Vomitorys' mission - but Opus Mortis VIII offers diversity and dynamics that you haven't quite heard from Vomitory before. Still, this is a very intense and aggressive album in the true Vomitory tradition - all the essential signature details are there. Once you hear the opening track, "Regorge In The Morgue", you will need no further proof of that!"
Opus Mortis VIII will be released the 23rd/26th of April, 2011 via Metal Blade Records in Europe! The limited first edition will be a Digipak featuring four exclusive bonus tracks. Those tracks are re-recorded versions of songs taken off the first two VOMITORY albums.

Track listing Opus Mortis VIII:
1. Regorge In The Morgue
2. Bloodstained
3. They Will Burn
4. The Dead Awaken
5. Hate In A Time Of War
6. Torturous Ingenious
7. Forever Damned
8. Shrouded In Darkness
9. Combat Psychosis
10. Requiem For The Fallen

Bonus tracks:
11. Nervegasclouds 2011
12. Raped In Their Own Blood 2011
13. Redemption 2011
14. The Voyage 2011

(Metal Balde; 15. March 2011)


After long delays, the second issue of CARBONIZED CELLS is out now! Written in English in A4 format.
Including reviews, HELLS PLEASURE 2010 live report and interviews of :
ABNORM (Black/Death from France), CHRISTICIDE (Devoted Black Metal from France), GRAVELESS (Obscure Deathrash from Sweden), HELLISH CROSSFIRE (Teutonic Thrash Metal from Germany), MASSACRA (Old interview of old french Death Metallers), MILOVAN NOVAKOVIC (art'worker from Montenegro), ORATOR ( Death Metal from Bangladesh), TERROR FROM HELL Rex (underground maniacs from Italy), VIOLATOR (Thrash Meta excellencel from Brazil)
Price (including shipping): France : 2,5 euros / Europe : 3,5 euros / World :  5,5 USD
Contact: use this email adress or go to

(Carbonized Cells zine; 11. March 2011)

XTREEM MUSIC is incredibly proud to announce the signing of recently reformed legendary ROTTREVORE!!
Over the past 16 years a lot has happened with Chris Weber (vocals/ guitarist), Chris Free (bass) and Christian Easley (drums). The band was on a hiatus for almost all of the years from Dec 1995 - Dec 2010. The unreleased tracks, which there are 10 of them, were actually preserved by Chris Weber and were only recently tapped into to reconstruct in Dec 2010. Four of those songs are now going to be recorded and they have the old feel from back when with a new modern feel for today. They have the old school chainsaw guitar rhythms, which they are known for, but also a more technical and of course heavy approach to ensure that they keep the heart of ROTTREVORE alive.
Over the years Chris Weber had pursued instrumental solo projects, Chris Free had played bass for a few bands, very technical ones to say the least and Christian Easley had started his own band, Pulsepherion in 1999 which lasted until 2005.
ROTTREVORE have now reformed and have been pushing themselves to the limit to still bring you the some of the heaviest music ever made. Through musical progression and the likeness to chainsaw guitars, distorted bass, guttural vocals and thunderous drums, they are now working on releasing their first 4 song mini CD release since 1993. The recording for them will be handled by no other than Erik Rutan at his own of Mana Recording studios in St. Petersburg, Florida. The recording dates are scheduled for late March 2011 and the release should be in late summer, early fall.
The mini CD which will have 4 songs, is entitled "Blind Sided Attack" and will also have other song titles such as "Hung by the Eye Sockets", "Defy Majority", "Overcome With Hate" and the title track "Blind Sided Attack". They range from slow, mid tempo to extreme fast parts, but still has the ROTTREVORE sound and "Destructive Earth Shattering Eruption" from within.
They are scheduled to play in Buffalo, New York with a variety of bands, to include Kam Lee, from Massacre fame, on July 16 2011. This will be the first live show from the band and will also be the new beginning for them also for years to come. Soon we'll be adding new info about the new recording as well as news about the band on their official MySpace.

(Xtreem Music; 10. March 2011)

We just received word from the pressingplant that the three new titles are ready for shipping. So we are now taking pre-orders for these: UNHOLY LUST - Taste The Sin, Through The Fire 12"LP HACAVITZ - Metztli Obscura 12"LP GODLESS - Ecce Homo: Post Lux Tenebras, Pulsio XIII Ultima Ratio 12" GF-LP Hope to have them ready for shipping on March 11th!
Next releases: THORNS OF HATE - Heretical Dawn of Apocalypse EP

(Blood Harvest; 2. March 2011)

4. March 2011

Reformed US-Brutal Death Metallers DEPRECATED have just added a new track called "The Fall Of His Supremacy" to their MySpace profile. Next to DEFATED SANITY's A.J. Magana, there is also Terrance Hobbs and Derek Boyer of mighty SUFFOCATION in the line-up. For fans of semi-technical brutal Death Metal.
(, 19. February 2011)

DEFEATED SANITY will play a small US tour around Maryland Deathfest in May 2011. Expect these shows to be the final ones with AJ Magana on vocals. The dates will be released soon.
We enjoyed working with AJ as he is an awesome musician who inspired us with his voice but also a great person in general. Though, everyone of us knows this collaboration is tough to be kept alive over the distance we're living away from each other, making this decision inevitable.
So props to AJ for his contribution to Defeated Sanity. We wish him all the best for the future in both his musical and personal activities! Thank you brother!
As many of you expected our new permanent singer will be Konstantin Lühring from (ex-)Despondency.
During the shows he helped out as a session vocalist, he proved himself as the best choice to replace AJ in Defeated Sanity. We want to welcome him as a permanent member and can't wait to unleash the new tunes we are already jamming with him!
In collaboration with Grindethic Records we will re-release our largely unobtainable first album "Prelude To The Tragedy". This release will feature two bonus tracks: A newly recorded version of Expectoration of Fear and a cover song which we will unveiled at a later point. Both tracks will have Konstantin Lühring on vocals.
The release will happen in early 2011 with the exact date to be announced later on.
(, 28. January 2011)

16. February 2011

has posted the re-mastered versions of "Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog" (taken from Killing On Adrenaline) and "Grotesque Impalement" (taken from Grotesque Impalement) online now via the band's MySpace and Facebook pages. These re-mastered tracks come from the series of expanded DYING FETUS re-issues being released this year.
DYING FETUS recently saw the re-issue of their 1995 demo collection "Infatuation With Malevolence" and debut album "Purification Through Violence" in January. Both albums are streaming online now in their entirety at The re-issues have been re-mastered, re-packaged to include new liner notes and never-before-seen photography, and bonus tracks.
Re-issues of 1998s "Killing On Adrenaline" and 1999s "Grotesque Impalement" EP are set for release on March 1st. "Killing On Adrenaline" will include two bonus tracks while "Grotesque Impalement" will feature three unreleased tracks.
DYING FETUS are about to embark on their last headlining tour in support of "Descend Into Depravity" as the headliners of the 2011 Bonecrusher Fest. This last tour before they begin work on a brand new album will also include KEEP OF KALESSIN, CARNIFEX, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE and ANGELUS APATRIDA.

8. February 2011

Thrash Attack zine #9 out now!
After one year the 9th issue of Thrash Attack zine is here and 5 years after its establishment Thrash Attack is stronger than ever. Expect a huge dose of speed/thrash metal that will provide you with a lot to read. Interviews with: Abattoir (USA), Antichrist (SWE), Children of Technology (ITA), Destructor (USA), Flames (Gre), Necrolisis (CRC), Riotor (CAN), Witchcurse (GRE) and Whipstriker (BRA).
Over 200 Lp, Cd, tape, cdr and zine reviews and many live reports squeezed into 136 pages, written in English. Get it at

16. October 2010

Brazilian death metallers ITSELF and KHROPHUS are still looking for some places to play. If you know something, get in contact: or falcon[at]

(*Khrophus only available between 22/10 - 08/11)
October 22th, Friday – Wermelskirchen, Germany @ AJZ Bahndamm *With Rotten Sound
October 23th, Saturday - Sinsheim, Germany @ Music Pub Express
October 24th, Sunday – Amsterdam, Netherlands @ The Cave
October 25th, Monday - Available
October, 26th, Tuesday – Halle, Germany @ VL Club
October, 27th, Wednesday – Berlin, Germany @ K17
October, 28th, Thursday – CANCELED
October 29th, Friday – CANCELED
October 30th, Saturday – Szczecin, Poland @ DK Slowinian
October 31th, Sunday – CANCELED
November 02nd, Tuesday – Wroclaw, Poland @ Wagon club
November 03rd, Wednesday – CANCELED
November 04th, Thursday – CANCELED
November 05th, Friday – Pécs, Hungary @ Inferno Music Club
November 06th, Saturday – Rijeka, Croatia @ Club Palach
November 07th, Sunday – Kranj, Slovenia @ AKD Izbruh
November 08th, Monday - Available
November 09th, Tuesday – Salzburg, Austria @ Casino rock bar
November 10 th, Wednesday - CANCELED
November 11th, Thursday - CANCELED
November 12th, Friday - TBA
November 13th, Saturday - Presov, Slovakia
November 14th, Sunday - Available
November 15th, Monday - Available
November 16th, Tuesday - CANCELED
November 17th, Wednesday - CANCELED
November 18th, Thursday - Available
November 19th, Friday – Available
November 20th, Saturday – TBA, Spain @ HELLFIRE FESTIVAL
November 21th, Sunday – Available

VULCANO have some open slots on their European tour between 1st untill 17th of November. If you are intersted contact Alex Viertel Velloso (tour manager; viertel_velloso[at] or look at

VENGEFUL have been hard at work the last few months completing what's to become their third album which will be a double album. They don't have a title for it yet, but some of the songs that will appear on it are: "Delusional", "Malice", "Decay" and "Distant Exit". The latter being a track similar to "Transcending..." Studio time is booked with Chris Donaldson (CRYPTOPSY, NEURAXIS, ...) starting on November 15th. He will once again be recording the drum tracks this time performed by Phil Truesdell who is definitely prepared to deliver the goods and put the record straight on being our real drummer. If everything goes according to plan (that rarely happens) they intend to be done with the album in March and then we start looking for a label to help distribute it as soon as possible.
On the performing front, their last concert of the year will be their annual "headlining show". It will take place at Il Motore on Saturday November 13th 2010. We'll be sharing the stage with the youngsters in SALVATION and TOWARDS DARKNESS.

(; 2. October 2010)

6. October 2010


...launch full album stream of upcoming album ON DIVINE WINDS exclusively on Metal!
In conjunction with the upcoming second full-length release from HAIL OF BULLETS, "On Divine Winds", Metal Blade Records has teamed up with Metal to premier the extreme modern metal act's album ON DIVINE WINDS in its entirety. The stream ends Monday, October 11th.

1. The Eve Of Battle
2. Operation Z
3. The Mukden Incident
4. Strategy of Attrition
5. Full Scale War
6. Guadalcanal
7. On Coral Shores
8. Unsung Heroes
9. Tokyo Napalm Holocaust
10. Kamikaze
11. To Bear the Unbearable

"On Divine Winds" was produced by Ed Warby and like before the monstrous mix was in the capable hands of Mr Dan Swanö.
Comments singer Martin van Drunen: "This time Hail of Bullets takes on the Pacific War. The expansion of the Empire of Japan throughout Asia, introducing a full scale war using all forces combined. The massive strike back of the Americans, whose marines bravely fought many tough and bloody battles on now forgotten insulate islands spread throughout the whole Pacific. This led to desperate Japanese defense tactics such as Kamikaze, human bullets and suicidal Banzai charges. Until finally, incendiary bombings brought the empire to its knees."
Comments drummer Ed Warby: "I don't think I've ever worked this hard on anything in my entire life, but it sure has paid off! Although "…Of Frost And War" is a tough act to follow, my ringing ears tell me we've succeeded in besting it on every level: songs, playing, production… at the moment Dan Swanö is putting the final touches on a mix that could squash a tank, and then it's off to the pressing plant! All the main ingredients of our blood 'n' guts style death metal have remained intact and I honestly can't imagine anyone that liked our previous work is going to be the least bit disappointed… on the contrary!"

(Metal Blade Records; 4. October 2010)

Swedish death-mongers CALIBER 666 are pleased to announce that they have signed with North America's Ibex Moon Records. The band's full-length debut "Blood Fueled Chaos" will be available digitally on October 1st via
Mixed and mastered by Fred Estby (ex-DISMEMBER), "Blood Fueled Chaos" features guest performances from LG Petrov of ENTOMBED ("The Worthless") and DISMEMBER vocalist Matti Kärki ("Let The Blood Flow"). The band has posted four tracks from album on their official myspace page.

1. To The Killing Fields
Black Smoke
Let The Blood Flow
A Part Of The Art
The Worthless
Serpents Walk

(; 2. October 2010)

BLOOD HARVEST (SWE) now taking pre-orders for the ENCOFFINATION - Seventh Temple of Laodicean Scripture 7"EP.
It should be out on the 7th of October. Get it here:
Right now there are the LPs from
WITCHAVEN - "Terrorstorm" ( and BLOODY SIGN - "Chaos Echoes" ( at the press.

(; 1. October 2010)

...just released the fourth issue of this great death metal fanzine! It's written in English and has 96 pro-printed pages! Interviews were done with:
Get your copies in Europe at: Blood Harvest, Detest Records, No Posers Please! or Nuclear Winter Records.
In the USA at: Dark Descent Records, Putrescense Records oder Necroharmonic Records.
All previous issues are sold out from their side. The very last copies are still around through The Siniter Flame and No Posers Please!.
Contact: lucasinhell[at]

(Crypt Of Eternity; 30. September 2010)

Progressive death metal act OBSCURA has unveiled the name of their forthcoming full-length as Omnivium. Omnivium was recently recorded and now being mixed at Woodshed Studio in southern Germany with engineer V. Santura (TRIPTYKON, DARK FORTRESS). The nine-track album will see an early 2011 release date. Additional album details will be made available shortly.
OBSCURA’s Steffen Kummerer issued the following update from the studio: "Although we recorded again with our long time friend and producer V. Santura in the Woodshed Studios, the studio sessions were hard work and lots of sweat. It was for the best though since Omnivium is definitely the next step for this band."
"Christian (Muenzer – guitar) recorded some outstanding solos with a new 8 finger tapping technique, Jeroen (Paul Thesseling – bass) brought his own stamp of fretless tone into the mix again, and Hannes (Grossmann - drums) recorded his heaviest session to date and broke through the 260 bpm line. Everyone brought lots of great ideas to the table and made Omnivium a truly collaborative band effort. Omnivium sounds solely like Obscura, and brings us a step closer to reaching our unique vision of progressive death metal."

(; 27. September 2010)

GOD DETHRONED have finished the recordings for their upcoming new album 'Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross'! The bands 9th album has been recorded at the Soundlodge Studios in Leer, Germany.
Comments singer/guitarist Henri Sattler: "Just like with our two previous albums we've been recording at the Soundlodge Studio's in Leer, Germany with producer Joerg Uken. "Under the Sign of the Iron Cross" is another concept album about World War One. Having done a concept album about this topic before didn't make it an easy job, but reading Ernst Juenger's "In Stahlgewittern" (Storm of Steel), which is his biography of his daily experiences in the trenches during the war, gave me so much inspiration that I managed to do a good job on the lyrics and I'm really satisfied with the result, but this is of course something you will have to check out for yourselves.
Musically the new album turned out to be one of the most extreme records we ever did. Nevertheless with the very recognizable God Dethroned hooks present in all the songs. Producer Joerg Uken outdid himself this time, because our new album is in my opinion the best produced album we ever had. Extremely raw, heavy, but crystal clear and super dynamic at the same time."

Henri "T.S.K." Sattler – vocals & lead guitars
Henk "Henke" Zinger – bass
Michiel "Mike" vd Plicht – drums
Danny Tunker – guitars

'Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross' will be released the 19th/22nd of November 2010 via Metal Blade Records in Europe and the 23rd of November in North America!

(Metal Blade Records; 20. September 2010)

Swedish VOMITORY have uploaded a cover version of 'Mass Appeal Madness' by NAPALM DEATH to their MySpace! Surf over to to check it out!
Comments VOMITORY: "Since spring 2005 we have had this little piece of brutality laying in our digital drawer, and we admit it's a shame it hasn't seen the light of day until now! This version of "Mass Appeal Madness" was recorded for a Napalm Death tribute album that never saw the light of day. With this song we want to give you fans something exclusive but also salute one of the most influential bands for Vomitory - ever since 1989 to present day. Recorded @ Speedball studios, Karlstad/Sweden in April 2005, engineered by Johan Carlsson, mixed by Henrik Larsson in Malmö/Sweden a few weeks later"
VOMITORY are currently busy writing songs for a new album that will see the light of day in 2011!

(Metal Blade Records; 20.September 2010)

24. September 2010

The upcoming 7" was baptized in gore as "Visions Beyond Death" and the cover art will appear soon in their photo gallery. Unfortunately, they have faced problems due to which they haven't been able to record the EP yet. It will, however, be released within this year.
SOD's latest demo "Where Death & Decay Reign" was recently repressed on 12" format. The price is à 10€. Wholesale requests should be addressed to Me Saco Un Ojo Recs or Detest Records.

(; 23. September 2010)

PHLEGETHON (FIN) - "The Ashes Brought" DVD update
Just a little update here on the upcoming PHLEGETHON "THE ASHES BROUGHT" DVD:
The liner notes are written by one of the main characters in the finnish underground metal scene Luxi Lahtinen (also a writer for! Who would have been a better choice for the task than a guy who actually was there and saw the first wave of finnish death metal taking its first steps?!
Also the cover art, a stunning painting by ANDREI BOUZIKOV is finished! Bouzikov is known for his works for bands like AUTOPSY, MUNICIPAL WASTE, CANNABIS CORPSE, NOCTURNAL GRAVES, SKELETONWITCH to mention a few. We will post you a sneak peak of the art work a bit later!

Phlegethon "The Ashes Brought" includes:
- Gig ´91, Joensuu, Finland
- Gig ´91, Joensuu, Finland
- Gig ´92, Joensuu, Finland
- Rehearsal ´91
- Rehearsal ´92
- Studio footage from "Fresco Lungs" bonus CD tracks session from ´92
- Picture gallery with band photos, gig posters, articles etc.
- Lots of unreleased songs!

Running time almost 3 hours! Out sometime in 2010 on DOOMENTIA RECORDS!
Watch a trailer here!

(; 23. September 2010)

BLOODSOAKED will release their/his next record in early/mid 2011 via Comatose Music. Next to eight new tunes there will be two re-recorded songs from their/his first CD with a much better production. The CD was written with ATROCIOUS ABORMALITY's drummer Brent Williams, but it's still unclear, if the record will be recorded with programmed drums or with Brent Williams.
The cover artwork was done by Junali Katani and can be viewd here.
On September 24th 2010 there will be a recording of a preproduction track called "No God" which will be recorded at The Basement Recording Studio with Jamie King. The record will also be recorded at the same studio!

1. Wading The Blood Pools
2. Forever Damned
3. Obsessed With Hate
4. No God
5. Consume The Flesh
6. The Death of Hope
7. Infestation
8. TBA
9. Self Mutilation (re-recorded)
10. Grinding Your Guts (re-recorded)

(; 21. September 2010)

FATALIST's old drummer Tyler Castro will be playing on drums again. Tyler played on their album "The Depths Of Inhumanity" and demo "Loss". The cover of DEATH's "Beyond The Unholy Grave" and some liveshows over 2010 were played by Sean Jessel.

(; 11. September 2010)

25. August 2010

"The Destroyers" of All is the title of our third full-length album.
As we're nearing the completion of the recording process we now have a page in place here that documents the work we've been undertaking over the past few weeks, with notes, photography and video. As mixing, mastering and artwork development closes in the page will be updated. Keep an eye out.

The Destroyers of All tracklist:
I. Burning Skies
II. Dead Oceans
III. Cold Becoming
IV. Beneath
V. The Hollow Idols
VI. Omens
VII. The Destroyers of All

(; August 2010)

18. August 2010

Grindethic bands TERRORDROME and OATH TO VANQUISH are releasing a split mcdr (pro-pressed) to showcase new material from each band. The split contains 19 mins of ferocious death metal with each group bringing new elements to the genre. Both bands have managed to improve and develop their sound from the debut albums and the TERRORDROME material was recorded by George Brigos who produced the last INVERACITY album.
The release is limited to just 100 hand-numbered copies so order quickly to be sure you don't miss out. (; 18. August 2010)

R.I.P. Wayne Vella
Today is a sad day for us all. Unfortunately we have lost our brother Wayne Vella (Drummer in Abysmal Torment from 2001 - 2008) who had just turned 25, due to a freak accident at his place of work. He will be remembered by us as a great friend and excellent drummer. We will never forget the great times we shared together and all the awesome experiences. May he rest in peace and hope he is in a better place. Condolences to all his loved ones!

Pulversied Records re-signed Horror/Gore Death Metaller BONE GNAWER; back to invade and pollute their roster with more impaling Death Metal!
BONE GNAWER is a collaboration between legendary growler Kam Lee (ex-Mantas, ex-Massacre, ex-Denial Fiend), Swedish madman Rogga Johansson(Paganizer, Demiurg, Ribspreader, etc) and together with Ronnie Bjornstrom (Hate Ammo, Ribspreader, Taedeat, etc) and Morgan Lie of Naglfar fame.
Comments BONE GNAWER frontman Kam Lee on the new album deal and also giving us a sneak-peek into the upcoming album:
"Once again those cannibal misfits and morbid horror freaks of BONE GNAWER are back to bring forth their unique blend of horror/gore death metal!
And once more we are signing with PULVERISED RECORDS! It feels good to be back with PULVERISED - because this is the one label that has a real true understanding of the type of old school 90's style of death metal we play.
This time around BONE GNAWER is taking another brave and bold approach to our musical direction and lyrical concepts.
We always strive to push of going against the grain and not catering to the "modern trends", all the while staying "true" to the old school death metal sound.
This time around we are taking a slash & stab at the flesh and going for a complete hard revenge - torture & vengeance type lyrical concept. Although some of those 'cannibal themed' type lyrics will remain. We are taking on a more gritty feel and a much more darker edged 'grind-house' appeal to our lyrical concepts.
Taking influences from some of the more hard-core exploitation type films of the late 1970's
such as "I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE" & "LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT". As well musically we are retaining all the horrific blend of old school death metal we are known for, yet combining it with an even more catchy and groovy flair!!"
The follow-up album to their successful debut "Feast of Flesh" is currently underway in the midst of recording, and more details will be announced soon.
(; 17. August 2010)

KAIJU (USA) - demo for free download
5-track demo "The Gods Are Angry", is available for free download includinglyrics and both cover art pieces. If you like what you hear buy the full length (10$ in the USA / 12$ outside). OR you can snag a shirt, patch and the cd (15$ shipped! Outside the us is 20$). (; 17. August 2010)

AUTOPSY (USA) - The Tomb Within EP out in September 2010
US gore legends Autopsy have completed the recording of their first tracks since officially reforming last year. "The Tomb Within" was recorded mid-July 2010 at Fantasy Studios with Adam Munoz and sees the original trio of Chris Reifert, Danny Coralles and Eric Cutler joined on bass by Joe Trevisano (ex-ABSCESS).
"The Tomb Within" consists of five new tunes (1. The Tomb Within,
2. My Corpse Shall Rise, 3. Seven Skulls, 4. Human Genocide, 5. Mutant Village) of gore and depravity and will be released on September 13th through Peaceville Records on CD )pre-orders with a limited postcard) & 12” vinyl (incl. a poster and limited to 1000 copies!). Cover art is supplied by renowned fantasy/horror artist Matt Cavotta.
Autopsy had previously decided to make an official comeback after working together on two songs for the special 20th anniversary edition of debut album "Severed Survival" in late 2008; the band having originally split before the release of their 4th album "Shitfun" in 1995.

The band had this statement to make about the EP:
"As many of you know, for years it has been repeatedly stated that Autopsy was over with and done for good. While that was indeed true for a long span of time, it is no longer the case. Autopsy has come to the solid realization that the time is now right to resume their mission of gore soaked death metal brutality and to fulfill this mission with maximum intensity. Make no mistake about it, Autopsy is not about reliving the past, basking in nostalgia or riding on efforts from years long gone. The band is hungry to devour fresh minds and souls and has been amassing an arsenal of new and deathly material to unleash upon those who also hunger for such brutality.
The surgical instruments are being sharpened and a pure death metal assault of the most horrific order is underway as you read these very words.
On behalf of the band, thanks goes out to all who relented and simply would not allow this beast to remain in the grave. Your persistence will be met with unspeakable and unapologetic sonic atrocities. Let the blood flow...." [pre-order] (Peaceville; 13. August 2010)

Well this has been a long time coming, and we have kept it under wraps for a while. There have been set backs in the past for various reasons, as well as rumors. We have been writing new Gorgasm material for the last 3 years and kept it to ourselves. To some it may be surprising, others have seen it coming(and thank you to the people who have kept it quiet that knew). It has been 7 years now since the last release, and with all new members and some new elements added(but definitely not losing the sound that we have carried with us since the beginning). So here is the deal, we wanted to keep it entirely to us so we created the name Sadichist and kept the name Gorgasm quiet for a while, no shows, no tours, and not wanting to promise the new album yet again just incase things didn’t work out as planned. With all the material written, and a full and very solid line up, we played the CIM under the name Sadichist to sort of test the waters with the new material, and it was great to see and hear the positive reactions. Also, kinda funny and cool to hear everyone compare it to Gorgasm at the show, and online over the past couple years. After the CIM we figured it was finally time to let out what we have been keeping to ourselves. Gorgasm is back!!! No more rumors, no more hype, no more bullshit. We are proud to announce that we have signed with Brutal Bands, are going into the Studio next month to record the long awaited full length. We feel that this is our most brutal material yet, and long time fans wont be let down. With 10 brand new songs, plus a little surprise, and some slightly new elements here and there throughout(don’t worry…stayed fucking brutal!!) look for the new album out soon, for fuckin’ real this time!!! (; 13. August 2010)

ENCOFFINATION (USA) album to see release via Selfmadegod Records
Selfmadegod Records is proud to announce the release of the CD version of the debut album by the U.S. death metal/doom band ENCOFFINATION, entitled "Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh".
Formed in 2009, ENCOFFINATION is the sepulchral embodiment of rancid death. Crushing, suffocating death metal doom of the lowest caliber. Named for the ritual preparation of the dead for burial, ENCOFFINATION exists below the plane of mortality; deep within the realms of death and decay. Slowly they lurch forth with their educated form of blasphemy, occult, and ritualistic expulsion of the holy from the earth.
This is the first full length from this amazing two-piece band, which is comprised of Ghoat (v/g/b; also in FESTERED) and Elektrokutioner (d; also in DECREPITAPH, FESTERED, TOMBSTONES, BEYOND HELL, SCAREMAKER). The follow-up to their "After Their Temples Descend Below The Earth" 7", released earlier this year, this Georgia/Texas-based duo attacks with the 8-song "Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh", featuring over 30 minutes of cryptic metal influenced by early ‘90s American doom/death and bands like INCANTATION, DISEMBOWELMENT and MORPHEUS DESCENDS. The album has already been released on tape format by Ritual Death Offerings and the vinyl version is available on Psychedelic Lotus Order. Now it’s time for the CD version! View the cover art and more here. (band's MySpace)

Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh" tracklisting:
1. Procession
2. Nefarious Yet Elegant Are the Bowels of Hell
3. Miasma of Rotten Serenity
4. Eucharist of Bone and Flame
5. Interlude
6. Beyond the Grace of Flesh Go I
7. Entombment of the Breathing Flesh
8. Coffinpsalms

(Selfmadegod Records; 12. August 2010)

HAIL OF BULLETS (NL) "On Divine Winds" out in October
Dutch HAIL OF BULLETS have announced "On Divine Winds" as the title of their upcoming album to be released October 8/11th via Metal Blade in Europe and on October 12th in North America!
HAIL OF BULLETS' debut album "…Of Frost And War" was a concept album about the Eastern front war of Germany. "On Divine Winds" is another concept album, this time covering the Pacific battles between Japan and the USA.
Martin van Drunen comments: "This time HAIL OF BULLETS takes on the Pacific War. The expansion of the Empire of Japan throughout Asia, introducing a full scale war using all forces combined. The massive strike back of the Americans, whose marines bravely fought many tough and bloody battles on now forgotten insulate islands spread throughout the whole Pacific. This led to desperate Japanese defense tactics such as Kamikaze, human bullets and suicidal Banzai charges. Until finally, incendiary bombings brought the empire to its knees."
The album title 'On Divine Winds' refers to the translation for the Japanese word Kamikaze, as kami stands for "God" and kaze means "wind".
"On Divine Winds" features 12 tracks on the limited first Digibook edtion (+ bonus DVD) and 11 tracks on the regular jewelcase version. The record was produced by Ed Warby and like before the monstrous mix was in the capable hands of Mr Dan Swanö.
Ed Warby comments: "I don't think I've ever worked this hard on anything in my entire life, but it sure has paid off! Although "Of Frost And War" is a tough act to follow, my ringing ears tell me we've succeeded in besting it on every level: songs, playing, production… at the moment Dan Swanö is putting the final touches on a mix that could squash a tank, and then it's off to the pressing plant! All the main ingredients of our blood 'n' guts style death metal have remained intact and I honestly can't imagine anyone that liked our previous work is going to be the least bit disappointed… on the contrary!" (band's website / band's MySpace)

"On Divine Winds" tracklisting:
1. The Eve Of Battle
2. Operation Z
3. The Mukden Incident
4. Strategy Of Attrition
5. Full Scale War
6. Guadalcanal
7. On Coral Shores
8. Unsung Heroes
9. Tokyo Napalm Holocaust
10. Sugar Loaf Hill (bonus track on ltd. 1st Digibook edition!)
11. Kamikaze
12. To Bear The Unbearable

6. August 2010

ATHEIST (USA) has announced the recent dismissal of bass player Tony Choy. The group has issued the following statement:
"First we would like to extend sincere apologies to all Atheist fans around the world. We have been silent on the matter of a former member being dismissed for some time, but we were entirely focused on recording our new album, 'Jupiter.' Therefore, we did not want to get sidetracked on an issue, which, quite honestly, was far less important to us than it might appear to some looking in from the outside.
"When we came together to write again, it was an obvious choice, for several reasons, to try and continue in what has been our touring lineup. We've had such a great time together on the road for the past four years. We're all great friends, and all of us were working peacefully towards the completion of the album. Therefore it hit us very unexpectedly when Tony called one day and informed us that he would not record with us. What's worse is that this happened only four weeks prior to our confirmed studio date. This left us in a very unfortunate position and without a choice.
"Although we are quite angry with him for this extremely late and inconsiderate change of heart, we have no desire to let this become personal or start some public feud. We simply want to be sure the facts are out there so we can get on with writing and playing music. While this might come as a surprise to some, we simply shrugged our shoulders and continued on, unfazed, for one simple reason: Tony was never instrumental to Atheist's sound in the first place. The true genius behind the technical bass lines of 'Unquestionable Presence' was co-founding member Roger Patterson. It's not well-known to today's fans that Roger actually wrote all the bass tracks just prior to his ultimately sad and tragic death and deserves the credit. Tony simply played what was written. However, the public perception has become distorted over the past two decades.
"It was the trio of Steve [Flynn], Kelly [Shaefer] and Roger who helped to bring Atheist alive — and continue to do so today — without Roger, of course. Tony had no influence on the band's original sound. It was that one young, gifted kid, Roger Patterson, who inspired subsequent generations of bass players to delve into technical metal and bring their instrument to the forefront. Yet, unfortunately, Roger has not always received the credit due to him. With all due respect, most of the credit has been misplaced on Tony. It was actually following Roger's terrible accident that Tony joined us, after Doug Keyser from Watchtower declined our offer to join for personal reasons.
"It must be said that nobody can deny Tony did a good job of playing the parts written by another musician. We will never stop being thankful for Tony to step in and help us out at that most difficult time. He remains a great friend. Apart from that, however, Tony's contribution to the sound of Atheist consists only of his participation as a fifth contributing member in writing 'Elements'. We leave it to Cynic and Pestilence to tell their own stories, if anybody feels the need to hear them.
"Those who are close to us know we do not like to discuss band business publicly. We prefer to keep those things internal, as they have nothing to do with the music. Yet this story must be told for a variety of reasons — primarily to honor Roger! Thus, with this very brief glimpse into our history, we hope people understand why we handled things like we did and why we were able to react quickly when Tony left us in the lurch just before the recording of 'Jupiter.' As with previous classic Atheist material, Tony had not contributed to the writing of 'Jupiter' in any significant way, so we did not have to start over. Also, we had no intention to accept any further delay caused by Tony, especially since there was already an extremely talented young musician in our ranks: Jonathan Thompson (guitar). Not only did Jonathan do his intricate guitar lines flawlessly on 'Jupiter,' but as a huge fan of Roger's work, he also wrote and performed the very impressive and original bass lines on this album as well. That is quite a story in itself.
"Tony may tour with Atheist, but for now it shall suffice that rather than settle for some random guy, we went with the best and kept it in the family. Now that our work on what we hope will soon become another classical technical metal masterpiece is nearly finished and the news of Tony Choy's removal has already reached the public, we feel the need to have our story heard instead of letting the false legend, rumor and speculation perpetuate and persist in replacing truth.
"Atheist are alive and well and 'Jupiter' will prove us to be stronger than ever!" (SMN News; 4. August 2010)

4. August 2010

just released a new limited edition "Ultimo Mondo Cannibale" Picture LP from Cryonics Records in the Netherlands! Limited to 350 hand numbered copies!! Includes picture disc with original "Ultimo Mondo Cannibale" cover artwork on one side and Putrid's godly CD disc art from the Razorback release on the back, this time in full color! Also includes a jacket with original cover art on front, and Chas Balun's "Ultimo.." cover on the back. The front jacket print is a little soft as the original artwork was lost when WILD RAG's disappeared so we had to scan it off a CD, but overall came out cool. They have a limited amount of these available now, here is the cost breakdown:
1 Pic Disc with U.S.& Shipping (by Media Mail) is $15.00
1 Pic Disc with Canada Shipping is $17.00
1 Pic Disc with rest of the world shipping is $24.00
2 Pic Discs with U.S.& Shipping (by Media Mail) is $25.00
2 Pic Discs with Canada Shipping is $30.00
2 Pic Discs with rest of the world shipping is $39.00
3 Pic Discs with U.S.& Shipping (by Media Mail) is $35.00
3 Pic Discs with Canada Shipping is $43.00
3 Pic Discs with rest of the world shipping is $54.00
Outside U.S. is shipped by airmail. If you want the package registered add $11.50 to the total.
Payment is accepted by Paypal at: mas1204[at]
If you order send Mark a message to confirm your shipping address as well!! (; 4. August 2010)

The brandnew Death Metal-killer "Adrift Beyond" (60 minutes) has recently been released by Spanish-based Xtreem Music onto the hungry Death Metal-hordes!!
This monster of an album was mixed at the mystical place of Sunlight Studio, Stockholm, by the legendary Tomas Skogsberg!!
So if bands like Dismember, Grave, Entombed, Carnage, Cemetary or Sorcery are your faves or if you just want to buy one of the best Death Metal albums of the last years, you just need this album!! (, 3. August 2010)

DEMONOID currently recorded all guitars (except some solos which they will gonna redo), bass and drums for a new record. They are just waiting for Caligula to finish the lyrics so they can track the vocals. He´s been incredibly busy with DARK FUNERAL over the last year, writing and touring his ass off. He will record vocals in the fall and get it off to mix. It's not save where they will mix it, but it will be somewhere in Sweden. DEMONOID also found a second guitarist to go on tour someday in the future. More infos of him will be announced soon. (; 20. July 2010)

The full length debut studio album of Sydney blackened death metal troop MASS BURIAL titled "ETERNAL WAR" is in final stage of forging. The studio production is finished and the outcome is beyond band's satisfaction, thanks to true sound engineering sorcery of Lachlan Mitchell from Production Avenue Studios. The album is yet to be mastered at an appointed studio in the USA, which is famous for providing its services to the most Relapse Records bands. The studio version of self titled Mass Burial song has been uploaded on band's official Myspace. Check it out!
MASS BURIAL crew feels very excited getting close to the album release. After several strokes of fate that hit some of band members over last couple of months, it is extremely rewarding seeing that all the effort and passion is turning into something uniquely powerful and aggressively perfect in its musical brutality and darkness. The official release date has not been determined yet, but it is expected to happen in near future.
As for the visual part of album presentation, the cover artwork has been designed under band's creative direction by Jumali Katani aka "Metal Artist". The new logo has been designed by band's frontman Goran. Photo session and video clip production are currently being scheduled.
MASS BUIRAL is going on national Australian tour in the second half of 2010. First dates have been booked already. If you desire to see MASS BURIAL playing in your town or would like to get the band on your bill, please contact: management[at]
Stay tuned for the latest news and stick around for "ETERNAL WAR"!!! (; 4. June 2010)

26. JULY 2010

LVCIFYRE have just recently finished recording their, yet untitled debut album, at Factory Studio (Poland) with producer Janusz Bryt. Mixing will hopefully be done by mid August and the album will be released on Blood Harvest later this year. (Blood Harvest; 26. July 2010)

- some comments about a German show from VIRGIN STEELE. Sorry, it's in German... (thanks, Tolga!)
hab immer so gezappt wenn wieder kacke war. virgin steele hab ich dann irgendwie paralyse gehabt. war völlig gefangen von diesem gejaule. das war wie ne vergewaltigung. und die fratze die der typ dabei gemacht hat! wie ein irrer. ehrlich. ich kann dir echt nur empfehlen das mal zu testen. unfassbar scheisse, mann!!

The freshly reformed Berlin death metal freaks from CEREBRIC TURMOIL just found a new vocalist in Priscilla (ex SINNERS BLEED, ARISE). Their first gig will be hold on August 26th in Berlin @ Lido (with REQUITAL, DEFEATED SANITY and OBITUARY). Nice gig to be back on the roads! (; 26. July 2010)

finish recordings for second studio album!
Dutch HAIL OF BULLETS have finished the recordings for their second longplayer to be released October, 8th/11th via Metal Blade Records in Europe and on October 12th in North America!
Comments drummer Ed Warby: "I don't think I've ever worked this hard on anything in my entire life, but it sure has paid off! Although "Of Frost And War" is a tough act to follow, my ringing ears tell me we've succeeded in besting it on every level: songs, playing, production… at the moment Dan Swanö is putting the final touches on a mix that could squash a tank, and then it's off to the pressing plant! All the main ingredients of our blood 'n' guts style death metal have remained intact and I honestly can't imagine anyone that liked our previous work is going to be the least bit disappointed, on the contrary!"
The yet untitled album was produced by Ed Warby and like before the monstrous mix was in the capable hands of Mr Dan Swanö.
HAIL OF BULLETS nailed down 11 songs plus intro.
The limited edition of the CD will be released as a Digibook including a bonus-DVD. More details on this and the stunning new album will be posted soon!, (Metal Blade; 26. July 2010)

Metal Mom, in conjunction with Castle Blakk, has announced that the 20th anniversary of Michigan Deathfest has been canceled. The festival, which was scheduled to take place on August 20-21 at St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit, Michigan, was called off for a number of reasons.
The main promoter for the event, Metal Mom, has issued the following statement regarding the cancellation:
"The announcement of Michigan Deathfest officially being cancelled was a very difficult one to make. Due to many conflicts, starting with the date change, the announcement of IRON MAIDEN playing close to the fest on the same date, and many more, the show took many hits prior to the original venue change.
The venue and date of the event was changed in the best interest of the bands and fans, but we continued to take hits from bands dropping off the bill for various reasons, band breakups, lineup changes, etc. etc. The final hit for the festival (which probably had the biggest effect on the cancellation) was the overall lack of pre-sale tickets sold and general lack of interest in the event.
If fans were planning on attending the festival, we sure didn't know about it and we apologize for any inconvenience to anyone that did plan on coming, especially if you lost money in the process of planning your trip. Still having one month 'till the festival date, we tried to give everyone ample notice of the cancellation.
St. Andrew's Hall is working with us to set up a free admission show to make up for the cancellation of the festival. It will feature many of the festival bands. As soon as a date is confirmed we will announce the show.
Hope free works for everyone and once again we'd like to apologize for any inconvenience.
Thank you very much for your continued support over the last 20 years!" (Blabbermouth; 25. July 2010)

25. JULY 2010

1984. Before Necrodeath monicker, it was GHOSTRIDER with "Mayhemic Destruction" demo tape (now released on vinil by FOAD records). Now Ghostrider is back and ready to kill again and again! Black Metal old school in a Venom, Carnivore, Hellhammer bloody way.... Stay tuned!
Line up: G.HELVETE F. (Vocal and Bass), M.PESO P. (Drums), A.ZARATHOS B. (Guitars)
Contacts:, ghostriderweb[at] (; 23. July 2010)

23. JULY 2010

- "Dawn Of Winter" will be released in August 2010
After one demo in 2008 now the debut album of these German masters of death is ready to be unleashed. "Dawn Of Winter" is a prominent piece of old fashioned Death Metal in the tradition of European and American pioneers such as DEATH, ASPHYX, GRAVE or UNLEASHED.
Crushing riffs, thunderous drums, skilled musicianship, remarkable songs, a massive and powerful production, outstanding dark & unholy vocals from the abyssal pits of hell and some sophisticated instrumental interludes are the ingredients for this tremendous opus which surely will be called a classic one day.
OBSCURE INFINITY will soon be known as one of the leading hordes of the new wave of old school Death Metal. (; 23. July 2010)

21. JULY 2010

Virginian crossover artists MUNICIPAL WASTE have regretfully been forced to cancel their upcoming European tour due to an unforeseen family emergency.
The band will make a statement over the coming days. (Earache; 21. July 2010)


ASPHYX's "The Rack" will be rereleased as LP on Ibex Moon Records. This collector's edition will only be available from Ibex Moon Records or Abyss Records mailorder.
It's limited to 666 copies on blue vinyl and includes a 18" x 24" ASPHYX poster. "The Rack" defines the word brutality with its chainsaw sounding guitars and sick vocals which sounds like vocalist Martin van Drunen is being tortured during the recording of this LP. The-preorder is now available! (Ibex Moon Records; 21. July 2010)

MACABRE will release on July 24th 2010 an new 12" called "Human Monsters" (ltd. 1000) through the Czech label Obscene Productions. There is a 4:28 medley on their MySpace profile. Check it out! A new full-length "Grim Scary Tales" will follow some day this years.
Tracklist: 1. Dracula,
2. The Big Bad Wolf, 3. Countess Bathory, 4. The Bloody Benders (; 21. July 2010)

TOMBSTONES (USA) - "Not For The Squeamish" CD out NOW on Razorback Recordings!
TOMBSTONES have risen from beneath the ground! In the middle of the dark, damp night, a bone-chilling shriek is heard in the distance…you are compelled by morbid curiosity to determine the source of the cry. You arrive at the massive wooden door of what appears to be a charnel house from an older, more sinister age…as you work the rusty handle and struggle to slowly open the door, the ages-old stench of the forgotten dead fills your nostrils. In the pitch blackness, you can barely make out the features of the repulsive resting place…you approach a doorway that leads into an unknown chamber…as you cautiously turn to enter, you feel a cold, bony hand on your shoulder. More hands clutch at you…you realize it’s too late to scream, and if you could nobody would hear you…as your feeble heart begins to burst, the rotted, decrepit undead inhabitants of this ghastly tomb slowly rip your limbs to shreds…
TOMBSTONES is the new band from Stevo of the infamous horror/gore legends IMPETIGO! His first death metal vocal performance since 1992's classic "Horror of the Zombies"! This album is 2 years in the making and it's finally here in all of its gory-glory! Features Patrick Bruss from Crypticus and Elektrokutioner from Decrepitaph! This is the ultimate horror-influenced Razorback release ever! Catchy, heavy, creative, twisted, maniacal, and ORIGINAL terror-ific DEATH METAL madness! (; 21. July 2010)

After more than 20 years in the death metal scene, former DISMEMBER/CARNAGE drummer Fred Estby wanted to express his passion for different kinds of extreme music he's bore since his youth. In 2008, Estby started to write and record material with the intention of having one unique vocalist for each song. Dubbed NECRONAUT, the project would become a reality one year later when Estby began contacting the many talented metal musicians he had in mind to complete the album of his diabolic dreams.
Estby is currently finalizing the as-yet-untitled album slated for release later this year via Regain Records. In short, NECRONAUT is a raw slab of old school metal and while the term “old-school” alone goes a long way in accurately describing the sound that one should expect from Estby and co, NECRONAUT are so much more. The band's approach is crude and dead simple, a la early Bathory and Venom mutated with Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden, but with an unorthodox bass-heavy production that allows the album to stand out amongst its peers. The goal was primitive brute force, but because of the manner in which Estby chose to achieve it, he also managed to create an aura of pure malevolence that, prior to this album’s creation, was likely difficult to imagine. The album will be out in October 2010!
Feat: Erik of WATAIN / Hellbutcher of NIFELHEIM / Chris of AUTOPSY / Janne of GRAND MAGUS / Nicke; ex-ENTOMBED and tons of others!
Link: (Regain Records; 20. July 2010)

"Winds Of Creation" and "Organic Hallucinosis" are out now in Europe on vinyl LP for the first time ever.
DECAPITATED's debut album, "Winds Of Creation" was released in 2000 and was immediately hailed as an album responsible for re-igniting a stagnating death metal scene.
"Organic Hallucinosis" was released in 2006 and was DECAPITATED's first release with new vocalist Covan. A hugely forward-thinking and ambitious album, "Organic Hallucinosis" defined DECAPITATED's sound and spawned a host of imitators.
Available now on limited edition coloured vinyl, each come housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with a double-sided poster booklet. The albums are the latest releases in the 'First Time on Vinyl' campaign, plugging the gaps in the Earache catalogue previously unavailable on wax.
These strictly limited edition vinyls are available in the following colours and quantities:
"Winds Of Creation":
100 - Fire & Brimstone, 200 - Tooth White, 300 - Burning Red, 900 - Black
"Organic Hallucinosis":
100 - Crumbling Rust, 200 - Stainless Grey, 300 - Organic Green, 900 - Black
View an image of the vinyls and their available colours here!
To get your limited edition vinyl copy of both records, head to your nearest independent record store, or order online from the Earache Webstore.
Fans in North America can get the European imports now from the Earache Webstore. (Earache; 19. July 2010)

NOX signed to Listenable Records! We welcome this unholy collaboration as a blessing and a curse to the world. (, 2. June 2010)

20. JULY 2010

NECROCCULTUS (MEX) - Encircling The Mysterious Necrorevelation" LP out now!
Finaly this gem of Dark Satanic Death Metal worship got released on wax. The debut album from 2005 with slighty changed artwork compared to the CD version. Atmospheric morbid tunes that will grab your soul away and take you into total damnation. Hosted in a 350g full colored sleeve and 2-sided full colored insert. Limited to 500 copies on Black vinyl. Get your copy now for 12,00 Euro + postage. (; 19. July 2010)

LOATHSOME (USA) - Decrepitaph and Scaremaker Side Project - LOATHSOME DEMO OUT
It's here! Limited to 100 copies! Pro-pressing, full color layout with amazing artwork by vocalist Nev! The demo was mixed/mastered by Elektrokutioner and has a nice dirty and repulsive sound! Expect a mix of Death, Thrash, Punk, Grind, Doom, and good ol' fashioned METAL all rolled into one! Features both members of DECREPITAPH (playing opposite instruments), as well as Vanessa from SCAREMAKER, and Nev from KAIJU!
Also, we have put up two tracks from the demo with the new remixed/mastered sound for you guys to check out!!! See what you think!!!
We are currently working on our debut full length CD that will be coming this fall on Razorback Records! This demo should tide you over until we can unleash the full length!
These demos are selling for just FIVE BUCKS, so support us and grab a copy of it! You can order it from the DECREPITAPH page now!
Here is the link: (; 20. July 2010)

Progressive death metal act OBSCURA has begun recording the follow-up album to their breakthrough release Cosmogenesis at Woodshed Studio in Southern Germany. Engineer V. Santura (TRIPTYKON, DARK FORTRESS) will helm the recording. An early 2011 release date is expected with additional album details to be announced soon.
OBSCURA founder Steffen Kummerer commented on the new album; "We are glad to work with our long-time friend V.Santura once again to record our new album. The new material feels broader in some way as everybody in this band brought many unique ideas to the songwriting and we were able to integrate different elements into our sound. More open chords, more acoustic guitars, more seven string shred-tunes. Remember: more is always more. We are excited to create another album of progressive death metal and to start touring through the whole world in early 2011.”
OBSCURA’s recording and touring line-up remains as Kummerer on guitar and vocals, Christian Muenzner on guitar, Jeroen Paul Thesseling on bass and Hannes Grossman on drums. The band will round out the Cosmogenesis touring cycle with a performance as part of the Mezcal Metal Festival in Mexico City, Mexico in September.
Additionally, OBSCURA’s Thesseling was recently interview by PETA2 at this location. The renowned fretless bass player talks about his decision to go vegetarian 16 years ago and current OBSCURA happenings. (; 20. July 2010)

19. JULY 2010

Ibex Moon just placed a pre-ordner for the upcoming Picture-7" from INCANTATION's "Scapegoat" to their site. The tracks are unreleased stuff from the "Primordial Dominatoion" recording session. The Pic-7" will be limited to 1000 handnumbered copies and will be shipped with a sticker and button on August 6th 2010. (Ibex Moon Records; 19. July 2010)

KATALEPSY have just released their new promo EP 2010 "Your Fear is Our Inhabitancy". You can hear both tracks on their MySpace profile! The tracks are "Unearthly Urge" and "Gore Conspiracy". Those tracks were recorded in their rehearsal place and mixed in LT studio by Nikolay V. They will also do a CD pressing (ltd. 500) and later on PowerItUp will released it as 7" in gatefold sleeve (400 black and 100 clear vinyl) from these two tracks. The 7" sound will be different compared to the CD and it was mixed in another studio to get a more atmospheric sound! The coverart and layout was done by Remy C./Headsplit Design.
Here is also a download link, uploaded by the the band! [here] (; 15. July 2010)

Cult underground death metallers DEVOURMENT have signed to Relapse Records.
DEVOURMENTs (Mike Majewski [v], Ruben Rosas [g/v], Chris Andrews [b], Eric Park [d]) calling card is absolute brutality, and their three previous albums and international touring and festival appearance have made them one of the more talked about bands in the worldwide death metal underground.
DEVOURMENTs Majewski commented on the signing; "We are extremely excited to be a part of the amazing Relapse roster! To be alongside the list of past and present Relapse bands that we hold in such high regard is truly an honor for us."
DEVOURMENT kicks-off a headlining European tour in support of their 2009 release Unleash The Carnivore on August 12th. This tour will launch with a performance as part of Party San Open Air and also includes stops at the Brutal Assault Festival, Mountains of Death Open Air and Metal Mean Festival. DEVOURMENT has also just announced a four-week U.S. tour alongside CATTLE DECAPITATION. (Relapse Records; 13. July 2010)

Since Miguel (g) joined the band last year 2009 WORMED started the new era. Last songs included in our single “Quasineutrality” is an evidence of it.
Considering the possibility of start playing live again, we decided to recruit a new cosmonaut to continue exploring the brutality into the vast cosmos... two months testing and excruciating the new drummer, fuck yeah! We are very proud to announce we have a new official drummer; Riky (from Madrid deathmetallers AVULSED) he has the perfect combination between hyper twisted, technical skills and amazing blast beats, the perfect mix. Working with Riky is incredibly comfortable, he is doing an extreme effort and matches perfectly with the WORMED’s personal sound.
Future 2011 shows will be announced, but we are writing new pieces for the next travel right now.
Our current line-up is:
Phlegeton: Vocals, Guillemoth: Bass, J.Oliver: Guitars, Riky: Drums, Migueloud: Guitars (; 12. July 2010)

18. JULY 2010

New York technical death metallers PYRRHON have just inked a deal in blood with The Path Less Traveled Records, who have signed on to release their debut MCD "Fever Kingdoms". The label also plan to release this facemelting quartet's debut LP in 2011.
PYRRHON formed in 2008, and have been laying waste to the New York area with their brutally unique, masterfully executed take on death metal, sharing stages with the likes of MISERY INDEX, EVOKEN, CLINGING TO THE TREES OF A FOREST FIRE, THE COMMUNION, LITURGY and dozens more.
To call them "technical death metal" is a bit of a misnomer; sure, their songwriting chops are unfuckwithable and their riffs will make your head spin, but unlike so many other widdly-widdly bands out there, PYRRHON are more interested in writing memorable, wickedly heavy songs than in guitar wankery. Think IMMOLATION, ORIGIN and DEATH, and you're halfway there! (, 16. July 2010)


Blood Harvest has just added the following titles as pre-ordner to their site:
BASTARD PRIEST - Under the Hammer of Destruction LP
DEGIAL - Death & Darkness Buries All EP

Every record will be available for shipping in the end of July.
Also the UNHOLY LUST CD "Taste The Sin Through The Fire" is now available through their shop. "If you're into the likes of POSSESSED, SADISTIC INTENT and so on, you should definitely check them out!").

Next planned released are:
CAULDRON BLACK RAM - Slubberdegullion LP
MAVETH - Of Serpent and Shadow MLP
GODLESS - Ecce Homo: Post Lux Tenebras, Pulsio XIII Ultima Ratio CD (vinyl later)

(, 15.July 2010)

16. JULY 2010

CEPHALIC CARNAGE has posted the first preview track, "Abraxas Of Filth", off their brand new album "Misled By Certainty". "Abraxas Of Filth" includes a guest appearance from Ross Dolan of IMMOLATION on back-up vocals. "Misled By Certainty", the follow-up album to 2007s "Xenosapien", was recorded at the bands own recording studio with longtime engineer / producer Dave Otero. An August 31st North American release date has been set and the album is available for pre-order now.
CEPHALIC CARNAGE will embark on the annual Summer Slaughter Tour alongside DECAPITATED, THE FACELESS, ALL SHALL PERISH, THE RED CHORD and more, starting in mid-July. Immediately following, CEPHALIC CARNAGE will head out on a co-headlining tour of Europe with PSYCROPTIC. This tour, dubbed the Initiation of The Misled European Tour 2010, kicks-off on September 10th in Germany and also includes ION DISSONANCE, HOUR OF PENANCE, and DYSCARNATE.
By the way Zac Joe left CC and was replaced by Brian Hopp aka Legolas. (, 9.July 2010)

15. JULY 2010

DESPONDENCY has officially called it quits, aber 12 years being one of the most extreme brutal death metal bands in Germany. Here is the offical statement:
"We regretfully want to inform everyone that DESPONDENCY has officially called it quits.The reasoning behind this decision was not an easy one after 12 years but we feel this is the best time to move on. Our Drummer Dirk Janssen has to step down from the position. Instead of contemplating replacing Dirk with another drummer,we have decided to move on in other projects. It just wouldn't be right calling ourselves DESPONDENCY if Dirk isn't involved. For now we just wish to respectfully put DESPONDENCY to rest. We wish to thank every single person that has ever supported us in any way. You all know who you are. CHEERZ.Konni/Despondency" (, 14.July 2010)

14. JULY 2010


here are some links to see some nice pics from this years Hellfest:
day 2 -> Carcass -> Decapitated
day 3 -> Suffocation -> Sadist -> Nile -> Asphyx

( webzine, 12. July 2010)

two live videos and interview from Scion Rock Fest now available!

Head over to Metal Blade TV to check out exclusive interview and live footage of CANNIBAL CORPSE performing at the Scion Rock Fest back on March 13 in Columbus, OH courtesy of the car company, Scion, who hosted the metal event. CANNIBAL CORPSE is currently wrapping up the first leg of their Euro Festival tour this week, which picks up again in August and includes stops at Summer Breeze, With Full Force Festival, Wacken Open Air, Graspop Metal Metting, and Party San Open Air. Some new CANNIBAL CORPSE tour news will be announced over the next few weeks so stay tuned to and for details.

Scion presents the Scion Rock Fest: Saturday, March 13, 2010 - Columbus, OH
Cannibal Corpse interviewed at Scion Fest 2010 HERE
Cannibal Corpse "Scalding Hail" live at Scion Fest 2010 HERE
Cannibal Corpse "Unleashing The Bloodthirsty" live at Scion Fest 2010 HERE

(Metal Blade, 12. July 2010)

German Grindfreaks have updated their site with some reviews and livepics. If you don't know this zine, check out their site and order the last issue (#15).
(, 11. July 2010)

Skeleton Plague Records in alliance with Dark Descent Records have released their first CD release: BEYOND HELL "The Sleeper Awakens". BEYOND HELL features Elektrokutioner (DECREPITAPH, FATHER BEFOULED, FESTERED, ...) on drums and has guest appearances by Patrick of CRYPTICUS and Sly of FONDLECORPSE. Patrick also mix/mastered the album.
Nine new tracks and four tracks that were featured on the sold out EP "...And Evil Crept Through". In all, 13 tracks and 40+ minutes of face melting death metal.
SAMPLES: or get it here! (Skeleton Plague Records, 9. July 2010)

Skeleton Plague Records is pleased to announce that BONE SICKNESS is slated to record a 4 song EP for a pro tape release. This release will have an initial pressing of 300 copies. More details to follow soon! (Skeleton Plague Records, 9. July 2010)

Skeleton Plague Records is proud to announce our alliance with Among the Mortals for the pro tape release of their 1997 demo "A Duet of Tragedy. SPR is honored to have the opportunity to handle this re-release and bring this music forward once again after 10+ years in a quality package. The demo will feature all new artwork and layout by Eric at Subtrocity Art. You can check out the new logo below. (Skeleton Plague Records, 9. July 2010)