Issue #3
(german, 36 pages, September 2008)

And a nice brutal death metal zine from German is Semon Demon Zine, which is made by Alex Ringwald, who's also active in the Death Metal band ABRASIVE. If you are into brutal death metal, you have to pick up this zine, cause he really tooks care of the worldwide underground. Ok, the questions are more or less standard and the layout is the typical Word-layout, but there are always some new bands, which are pretty unknown.. Interviews were made with ATROCIOUS ABNORMALITY, BENIGHTED, CADAVERIC CREMATORIUM, DECAYING PURITY, DECREPIDEMIC, INGESTED, HAEMOPHAGIA, SEVERE TORTURE, PUSSY VIBES and WAKING THE CADAVER. If you are into brutal death metal and familiar with the German language, just check it out. Issue #1 and #2 are also still available.

Alex Ringwald, Hermann-Löns-Str. 75, 73240 Wendlingen,