Issue #3 (Summer 2009)
(letter, 42 pages, english)

And again a new Reborn From Ashes issue from this freak from Mexico/USA. And once again he got a cool band selection in OMNIOUS CRUCIFIX, ABOMINANT, DENIAL, GRAVEHILL, INGURGITATING OBLIVION and some more. Yes, it's many in the vein of the old school sounding death metal bands, but with some hints to Thrash and other metal genres. There is also a nice conversation with the editor of US zine Sloth. Every interview is done in a cool way, no boring questions and in-depth. Ok, the layout is a little bit boring, but who cares, if the content is great?!
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Issue #2
(english, 48 pages, A4, Summer/Fall 2008)

Yes, this is a really great fanzine in the style of the early nineties! The issue is xeroxed, a simple layout plus a coloured cover. It's quite obvious that editor Tony J. is originally from Mexico, cause a big part of the zine is about Mexican bands like TOXODETH, HARDWARE, ATTOXICO, EXTINCION CEREBRAL and ACRANIA. And especially the TOXODETH and EXTINCION CEREBRAL interviews are really cool and in depths with nice informations about this oldies. Next to it Tony seems to have a big heart for exotic bands, cause he also did interviews with OATH TO VANGUISH from Lebanon and Indian EXHUMATION, which are full with great infos about the regional scenes of these countries and of course about these bands! Next to the mentioned interviews are one with the classic CIANIDE and the nice upcoming band CARDIAC ARREST. Alltogether a great zine, which is a little bit lacking of an outstanding layout, but who cares, when the nterviews are great?! The common reviews are also included, but this time with many fanzine reviews! Get it, before it's to late!

Tony J., 2613 Hillcrest Terrance, Evansville (IN) 47712, USA