Issue #4
(english, 64 pages, A4, 2008)

A nice zine is without any doubt the French one called PUTREFACTIVE EFFECT, whose 4th issue features old school sounding bands like ABOMINAT, DRAWN & QUARTERED, INFINITUM OBSCURE, DARK REMAINS and many others. On this 64 pages are always good written interviews, with interesting questions and mostly also freaks on the others site, which are not to bored to answer all the questions. A really nice one is also the interview with the editor of the Italien PRAYER BOOK ZINE, with nice statements about the actual scene and a great underground vibe. Also the layout is cool, sometimes also with cut-and-paste layout, but mainly with good structured layout (sometimes a too dark background, but still good readable). Get in touch with Jimmy, cause this is a very supportable underground zine! Get it for 5 Euro/Dollar (postpaid) from:

Jimmy Beautour
Bec Oiseau 16230 Juille