Issue #3
(english, 32 pages, July 2007)

A nice Turkish fanzine is IMPACT DRILL, which is mainly focussed on Grind, Grind/Death and some old school bands. But the nicest feature of the zine is an interview with the editors of the following zines: Forgotten Chapel (Poland), Shrunken And Mummified (Hungary), Sonic Splendour (Turkey) and Vampir (Macedonia). Always very interesting to read and sometimes I think, that zine editiors are still the best answerers to questions, hehe! Also the scene report of Norway made by Hans Jörgen from the band DISKORD is a nice overview of this scene, especially cause you mainly know the superflous bands of this region. The interviews are short (one to two pages) but with good questions above the standard. Interviewpartners were BLOOD, DEAD INFECTION, the old schoolers LIE IN RUINS, SILENT KINGDOM, I SHOT ON YOUR FACE, NETTLETHRONE, CARNAVAGE and DECIMATION. Also the zine review section is really strong and features nearly 50 reviews about zine from all around the world! Nice to read and every single page is worth your attention!

Semih Orhan, Fethiye Mah. Isiktepe Cad., Akkent Sitesi n/3 Nilufer, Bursa, Turkiye