Issue #3
(german, 80 pages, A4, May 2009)

The third strike of this german written zine called Hammerheart shows once again a really well designed and printed zine in a quite professional way. Ok, perhaps this is the main fault of the zine, cause this one is lacking a little bit on the underground theme and supports mainly the more known bands. Also the range is really wide and features every kind of metal. Ok, perhaps I'm to narrow-minded for such a zine, but hey, if there is one issue each year and there isn't a red line in the content, than it's quite ennoying for me...But next to that, there are also some cool bands in DECAPITATED, DEVASTATION, GUILLOTINE and RAZOR OF OCCAM. Guys who understand our ugly language and are more open-minded will surely like this zine, cause the writers know what they are doing! Get it for 3 Euro (+ postage) from:

Christian Metzner
Landwehr 1
64823 Groß-Umstadt