Issue #1
(english, 60 pages, A5, March 2009)

This zine is also a newcomer hailing from France and comes with a nice HELLHAMMER rip-off Logo. J. Marchand is mainly dealing with underground stuff from the Death/Black Metal underground, but is also open for some journeys to the Doom sector. For his debut he got some cool bands like KAAMOS, AZARATH, EVISCERATED, DIABOLI, APOCALYPSE COMMAND (with ANGELCORPSE's Gene Palubicky) next to some ohters. Every interviews is done in a great way, with cool questions (especially KAAMOS has some great and not that common questions!) and many die-hard informations. The layout is also done in a great way, with nice borders and cool illustrations! Ok, some interviews are very hard to read (white letters on black ground) like SVARTSYN or EVISCERATED, but hell yes, this is the first issue and the guy knows what he is doing! I hope there will be a second issue in the next future, cause this is done in total underground dedication!!!

J. Marchand
Appt. 1, 7 rue de grand bie
52200 Langres