Issue #3
(A5, 32 pages, english)

Perhaps one of the most boring looking zines, with perhaps one of the best interviews, that the Hungarian zine called DEADLY ILLNESS. It's only some sheets put together, the layout is only text with some few pics, but hey the interviews are the most important thing of a fanzine and they are really cool! The variety of bands is very good and the questions are above all standard shit. Here we get interviews from BASTARD PRIEST, SWALLOWED, ASCENDED, YDINTUHO, REPUKED, NAUSEANT, GRIND CRUSHER, ADVERSARIAL, an old one from ADRAMELECH (only answers) plus some more. The special thing is, that Csaba only did interviews for this issue and yes, perhaps he is right, cause most people listen to the stuff by themselves on MySpace or comparable sites and don't need reviews?! But a small collection of top stuff, would be cool for the next time! Get this one, cause he's very dedicated, but needs a layouter, hehe!
Poller Csaba, Nimrod u.73., Budapest 1183, Hungary, deadlyillness[at],

Issue #2
(english, 48 pages, A5, February 2008)

A cool effort from Hungary is the second issue from DEADLY ILLNESS. After his great first issue (with interviews from Blood Harvest, DEATHEVOKATION, BACKYARD MORTUARY, DEAD CONGREGATION, NERLICH, ...), Poller Csaba gets it once more to do a cool zine with nice to read interviews with such bands as ABOMINAT, DEATH BREATH, HATESPAWN, EXCORIATE, LIE IN RUINS plus some others. Ok, the zine is done in a simple way, quite boring layout and only some paper sheets dropped together, but the content is the main priority and this is fine. Good, non-standard questions, a well researched background and mainly also good partners on the other side! The third issue is also (hopefully) on the way, course it was planned for late 2008, but I didn't get a sign of release yet...

Poller Csaba, Nimród u. 73, Budapest 1183, Hungary, deadlyillness[at]