The Temple Mag - Issue #1
(english, 48 pages, A5, February 2009)

Here we go with the first issue of Consumed By Darness zine, done by the guys from Temple Of Darkness Records. And once more, it's totally dedicated to the ancient death metal theme, especially the Scandinavian 80ies/90ies sound. Ok, here are only three interviews (MORPHEUS, FURBOWL and CRYPT OF KERBEROS), but every single interview is done in a great way, with many informations and great feeling!
Also the review section is done in a great way. There are not that much actual reviews, but many reviews from old demos, 7"es and other stuff released in the early 90ies. Yes, this is nice to read, but in the end very short, hehe. I got it in some hours, but I think, this is a good sign for a good zine! Ok, there are also some unnecessary film reviews, but hey, if they like it, it's ok. Brillant zine, layouted in a great way and with the right feeling. Get it for 3 Euro (+ postage) at:

J. Luis Espinosa, C. Tiro 5-7, Piso 7 Puerta 4, 08035 Barcelona, Spain,