Metal Ov Death - Issue #I
(english, 40 pages, A5, 2009)

Yes this is a really dedicated zine from Austria done by Tom from ABHORROT. In his debut issue he's only dealing with old school death metal and that's for me a fine decision. His parters in crime were EXCRUCIATE, ANATOMIA, GRAVEYARD, SWALLOWED, MORDICUS, ALTAR, MIASMAL ans SLUGATHOR. Ok, some interviews are a little bit boring (SWALLOWED/MIASMAL), cause their are only about 10 questions with not that enthusiastic answers, but especially the EXCRUCIATE and MORDICUS stories are great to ready and well done. Also the reviews are quite short and with less informations and the layout is more than decent, but it's the first issue and it will be hopefully better in the second effort! Ah before I forgot it, there is also a report from one of the greatest gigs done in 2008! It's the Triumph Of Death show with ASPHYX, DEAD CONGREGATION, NECROVATION, DROWNED, TRIBULATION and SLUGATHOR!! Hell, that was such a great show!!! (Leif)

T. Heumesser, Rembrandtstr. 18/7, A-1020 Wien, Austria; www.myspace.com/99462955