Subterranean Streams, CD
(Obscure Domain 2008)

Chilenean TRIMEGISTO were formed in 2000, released a demo "Chaos Contemplation" (2002) and are now releasing their debut full length via German Obscure Domain. And hell yes, this debut is fucking strong! TRIMEGISTO are into obscure, deep and brutal old school death metal, the way of INCANTATION or HEADHUNTER D.C. A completly raw and brutal production meets, extreme deep vocals, simple drumming and a cool atmospheric riffing. That's the way old school death metal have to sound nowadays! Every single track is a unique masterpiece! The riffing is more than great and the record is strong till the end. For me the last track "Credulos Worms" is next to "Bloodless Escene" the strongest material of the record. Everyone who's looking for a masterpiece in odschool death will find his pleasure in this record! Hope to see more of TRIMEGISTO in the future!!!