Where Death and Decay Reign, 12"
(Detest Rec. / Me Saco Un Ojo Rec. 2009)

Finland, the country (probably) with the most annoying gothic crap scene, is very seldom on my record-player, but if there is a band, it's in the majority of cases a good one, like old AMORPHIS, ABHORRENCE, DEMILICH, DEMIGOD, old DISGRACE, old BELIAL, ASCENDED or SLUGATHOR. And again, it's a great one! This 12" is the second demo of Pori located STENCH OF DECAY and features three own tracks plus a cover version of ABHORRENCE classic track "Vulgar Necrolatry" (feat. original ABHORRENCE vocalist Jukka Kolehmainen as guest!). And like the original Finnish scene, they play raw and brutal death metal with heavy influences from the UK heroes! To release the demo again as 12" wasn't a mistake, cause this freaks know, how to handle their instruments, the tracks are more varied as many records from nowadays and everything has the right feeling! "Creation of Carnal Lust" starts with a cool atmospheric part, just to get in a crushing mid-tempo double-bass part supported by a raw and dirty sound! They aren't satisfied in playing one riffs three minutes, no, they really want to give you a nice time with many cool ideas and variety! This is a real masterpiece in raw and brutal death metal made in Finland, so watch out, to get hold of the 12", before it's to late! This black wax is limited to 500 copies (tape via Detest Records were limited to 250 copies).