Split w/ ERODED, 7"
(Imperium Productions 2006)

ERODED are next to NECROS CHRISTOS, DROWNED, HATESPAWN and MANDATORY one of the only outstanding old school bands from Germany. After their great demo "Beneath The Cross" from 2005 they got the chance to to this 7" with Sweden's PAGANIZER. And this tracks are also kicking some serious ass! Their fast old school death metal mainly influenced from the Swedish scene really deserves it to listen to. Both featured tracks "Black Empire" and "The Goats Of Heaven" are raw and dirty and also really brutal and fast. The vocals are great deep growls and the riffing is outstanding! Too bad, they released nothing after this split-7", but perhaps some time?! Who knows...
On the other side you got two tracks from death metal workaholic Roger Johansson. As always the tracks have a huge influence from the crust scene mixed with the typical Swedish sound plus a slight CELTIC FROST/HELLHAMMER feeling. Ok "Gasmask Obsession" and "Hell Is Already Here" are not the best tracks from PAGANIZER, cause the guitar riffing is with the time quite boring, but hey, this is more a collectors item for the PAGANIZER side.
The 7" comes with matt cover plus a poster and sticker and is limited to 500 black copies.