Supreme Occult One... The Underworld Abhorrence, 7"
(Blood Harvest 2006)

Mexican NECROCCULTUS made an deep impact on me with their debut record "Encircling The Mysterious Necrorevelation" and so I had to buy this 7" from 2006 released by the great Blood Harvest. These two tracks are really one of the best examples of pure deep and raw death metal I heard in the last time. Also the sound is next to the album not that brillant, these two tracks have the right feeling and power to get me more and more into NECROCCULTUS. To bad they are not that enthusiastic when it on, to answer my questions. In 2008 they also released a split CD/MC with SHUB NIGGURATH, which features a rehearsal from 2006 and a live recording from 2007. So next to some rumours, that they split-up, they will play on May the 9th, 2009 a gig in Germany (Berlin), so hopefully it's only a bad rumour and they'll strike back with their second record!