Eroded Void Of Salvation, 7"
(Nuclear War Now! Prod. 2008)

Australian old school blast IGNIVOMOUS was formed in mid 2006, recorded in 2007 a demo called "Path Of Attrition" (also rereleased as 12" by Nuclear War Now!) and continued their way of occult, deep and raw death metal on this 7". And yes, they are really a great experience in INCANTATION worshiping. The sound is so fuckin' deep and brutal as it only can play a few bands. The vocals are also in the best tradition of Craig Pillard, but can't reach the brutallity of his masterwork on "Onward To Golgotha", but to be honest, this is very very hard to reach! The featured three tracks are all in the same quality with great doomish parts mixed with full aggression and the real feeling! The 7" was released as normal black wax vinyl and die hard version on coloured (seems to be yellow/brown) with sticker, patch and poster. The cover is a great drawing from legendary Chris Moyen!

Path Of Attrition, 12" rerelease
(Nuclear War Now! Prod. 2007)

And here we go with IGNIVOMOUS demo from 2007, which was rereleased as 12" in a regular black vinyl edition (ltd. 800) and a die hard version (ltd. 200) on coloured vinyl plus patch and sticker. And I have to say, that this stuff is sure in the same direction as on their 7" follow-up, but the whole sound is much more fat and aggressive. Next to the demo there is a bonustrack called "Dr. Offals Infamous Pleura Incising Necropsy", which is a covertune by Australian NECROTOMY (from their "Crectic Awakening" demo'91). Everyone, whose is obscure and deep death metal from INCANTATION have to check this one out! Great to see this tunes on vinyl as well!