Passage Of Life, LP rerelease
(The Crypt 2009)

One of the true classics of Swedish Death Metal, which never came out in time, is without any doubt EXCRUCIATE's debut "Passage Of Life". Recorded in Autumn 1991, but released the first time in 1993, when the big death metal wave was almost over... As most of the bands at these days, they recorded at the famous Sunlight Studios and hell yes, the record has everything a real Swedish Death Metal record needs. The sound is rough and brutal, the vocals of Lars Levin are extremely brutal with the right feeling to growl! The riffing section consisting of Hempa Brynolfsson (now in MYKORRHIZA) and Johan Melander always find a good way to mix some crushing Swedish riffs with some great melodies and the pumping, also very variable drums of Per Ax give the whole record the right feeling. Everyone, who is looking for a great Swedish old school record, has to know this one! And now, after releasing the double-CD "Beyond The Circle" in 2003 with the whole material EXCRUCIATE ever recorded (for sure with "Passage Of Life") it's time to see the record the first time on holy vinyl! The record is limited to 300 copies and will be released in 180g black wax (ltd. 200 handnumbered copies) and 180g ruby-red transprarent wax (ltd. 100 handnumbered copies). Check out the site of The Crypt for pre-order (also it's broken till now...)!!!