The Berserks' Legions Defiance, CD
(Obscure Domain, 2009)

This French guys formed ETERNAL in January 2001, released a MCD called "Satanic Templars Of The Dark Age" in 2005 and now in 2009 follows their debut! And hell yes, this one is a really great extreme death metal release focussing their sound between the American old school and some Brazilian blastmasters. Next to the pounding drums, which are always rotating on top speed, they always find a cool riff and some nice non-citchy melodies to get a serious and variable sound. The drumsound is quite good, but perhaps a little bit to much trigger in here, but who cares, if the complete sound comes brutal and straight to your veins? The vocals are really deep, brutal and also variable and the guitarsound is more than great and kicks some serious asses. Get them a chance and please do not listen only once to the record, cause after some listening-session, the record kicks more and more! (Leif)