Catacombs Of The Grotesque, CD/LP
(Asphyxiate Recordings/Blood Harvest 2009)

Oh yeah, the Mexican DENIAL just impressed me with their debut 7" "Immense Carnage Vortex" (2007), but the 2009 record really gets better than this one amd didn't get out of my CD player for a while! And tata, Blood Harvest was so kind and released it also on vinyl! Nice! It's a pitty, that both versions (CD and LP) were printed in a really dark way. Many details from the cover are to dark and quite difficult to fix out! But again the music is and will be the most necessary! And that's brutal and dark death metal the old school way. Perhaps some Finnish old school stuff, mixed up with an INCANTATION like atmosphere plus a South-American obscure touch!? The guitar sound crushes everything, the drums are varied and well structured and the vocals are deeper than deep and totally brutal! The complete sound is an unity and is sooo brutal, but still old school as hell! Everyone into deep, obscure, evil and brutal death metal, has to buy this one!!!

Immense Carnage Vortex, 7"
(Blood Harvest 2007)

And a nice new act from Mexico is DENIAL, which were formed in late 2006 by some well-known guys in the Mexican scene such as Oscar Clorio (ex drummer of CENOTAPH). After some local gigs, they recorded their first 7" "Immense Carnage Vortex", which were released in late 2007 by Swedish label Blood Harvest. The featured three tracks are deeply rooted in the early ninties, taking their influences by bands such as GRAVE, DEMIGOD mixing it up with some US stuff. The sound is completely raw and brutal, which reminds me often to the early GRAVE days, but there are also some more technically influenced guitar parts rooted in the early US scene. All three tracks are completely true and original recordings and I'm pretty sure, that the first full-length which will be released in early 2009 by Australien Asphyxiate Recordings will be a great one. Get this 7", before it's to late. It's limited to 500 black copies and comes with a great old school artwork! There are also two new tracks from the album up on MySpace! Check it out!