Split w/ INFESTDEAD, 7"
(Ancient Enemy Records 2007)

And a nice collectors item (ltd. 500 on black wax) for every fan of Dan Swanö. Here we have one track of each band. First is DARKCIDE, which had never really released anything, so this is a quite rar track called "Lord Of Evil". The track was recorded in Summer 1994 in Dan's Unisound studio and is a cool track based on the early 90ies Swedish sound. The line-up is also great, hehe, it's Dan Swanö, Day DiSyraah and a guy called Raal Pauga on drums. So if my ears don't have a big mistake it's a drum computer.
On the other side is the INFESTDEAD track called "Dead Earth", which was recorded in Autumn 1993 at Unisound and should be one of the first songs, which were recorded under INFESTDEAD. The vocals are from Dread (ex-EDGE OF SANITY, ...) and the rest by... you know it?! This track isn't that really in the vein of the later INFESTDEAD tracks, so not that DEICIDE influenced and the vocals of Dread are also more shrieky and black metal influenced. Nice release by John Redfern's (vocals in UK's EVOKE) Ancient Enemy Records, which also wanted to release a DEVOURMENT (SWE) 7“, but till now nothing happens.