Carnivores, 7"
(Blood Harvest 2008)

BOMBS OF HADES is something like a all-star-band with famous guys like Jonas Stålhammar (GOD MACABRE/MACABRE END, UTUMNO, ABHOTH), Anders Ekman (ABHOTH) or Magnus Forsberg (from original thrashers TRIBULATION). They started some day in 2002 as a crust punk band and switched to the old school Swdish sound after a while. In 2006 they recorded a demo called "Meathook Diaries" which was followed in October 2008 by this 7". And yes, this five tracks are really old school sound quite near to the ENTOMBED sound, especially the riffings are really great! The sound is raw and dirty as it should be, but is missing a little bit the aggression. But in all, this is a really cool 7", with some nice ideas, a cool growling singer and the right feeling for the early nintees! As always it's limited to 500 copies and comes in black wax.