Death The Brutal Way, 7"
(Iron Pegasus Records 2008)

Argh, I think ASPHYX' gig on Party San Open Air 2007 was one of the best shows, I've ever seen. And next to me there were many people, who thought the same! Also the next two times I saw them live, were one of the greatest live moments, I ever had! And now there is their first sign of life after their reunion! Ok, it's only one track plus a nice covertune of CELTIC FROST's "Os Abysmi Vel Daath", but this new track really kicks some serious ass. It's faster than the original stuff, but still in the true ASPHYX style of the early ninties. Also the coversong fits really good to the ASPHYX sound. For me, it's the best reunion of all this lousy reunions we have seen over the past years. Keep an eye on ASPHYX, they still keep the death metal flag high! It was released as red/black splatter vinyl (ltd. 200) and normal black way (I think it's ltd. 800).