Storms Of Calamity, 7"
(No Posers Please! 2006)

Uhh Norway? CADAVER and MOLESTED, ok! But?! Yes, not that much good death metal were made in Norway, but ABOMINAT which are existing since 2002 are a new hope for the Norway scene. After a demo from 2004 ("Dead World"), they released this 7" on the Norwegian label No Posers Please! And fuck, they are hailing the old style from SUFFOCATION especially to their "Human Waste" period! The sound is nearly the same to the "Human Waste" ep, the vocals sounds like a fresh Frank Mullen, the guitar workl is great and also the drums have the same feeling like Mike Smith is playing it! They have nothing to do with the nowadays brutal death metal stuff, but only the true early 90ies sound of their main influence. Ok I now, there are many guys who thinks, that "Human Waste" sucks, but for me it's completely brillant!
In mid 2007 they recorded two new tracks called "Belial" and "Corrupting The Soil" which are still very much into SUFFOCATION, but a bit more faster, but also very strong! The 7" comes in brown vinyl and is limited to 565 copies with an embossed sleeve!

www.noposersplease.com, www.myspace.com/noposersplease