Schwach- "Feierabend" official video, live at SO36 (Berlin, 8th September, 2017), directed by Felix


Schwach- "Kein Bock" official video, directed by Martin and Simon



Schwach- "schwachmarsch" official video, directed by Siyavash Ghassemzadehgan (notimefilm)


Schwach- "sozial schwach" official video, directed  by Tine


Schwach- "Deutschland Du Opfer" official video, directed by Simon Lambs


live at DIY Hardcore Punk Fest, Gdynia 8th of July 2016


live in Sestao, Txirbilenia- Los Spirito Continua Fest III, 7th of September 2015


live in Zaragoza, Arebato- 5th of September 2015


live in Hengelo - Inocent, 16th of March 2014


live in Wroclaw - Centrum Reanimacij cultury, 19th of december 2014


live in Berlin - Subversiv, 18th of October 2014