Tour is over

Se acabó la gira. Encontramos a gente super chévere, comimos approx. 10kg de plátanos, lentejas y arroz cada uno, tocamos unos de nuestros mejores conciertos hasta ahora y simplemente lo pasamos rechimba ;) Hardcore en Columbia y Ecuador nos gusta full. Hasta la próxima. Ojalá.

After countless hours on the bus our tour is finally over. We made numerous new friends, played probably some of our best shows so far and simply had a great time. Thanks to all the people who helped us out with shows, food and a place to stay.
Hardcore in South America is absolutely awesome.

Check out Postobon Manzana and these bands: Raw brigade, Desarraigo, Amenazas, GritaOmuerehc, Manicomio S.A., Por Instinto, Finlandia/Singapur, Motin HxC, La Mamá de Sánchez Punk, Vagales, Tamas, Lata

P.s.: After tour is before tour, we wanna hit the streets of southern/eastern europe in the first days of August. If you wanna do a show drop us a line.

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