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Schwach - "Gegeneinander" 7" (2018, Antikörper Export, Colder Than Ever)

Schwach - "Kein Bock" LP (2016 - Refuse Rec./Raccoone Rec./ Antikörper Export)

Pressing Information:

First press:

Test press: 20

Release- show- cover (in clear): 20

Clear: 90

Black: 418

Second press:

purple vinyl and purple logo on the cover: 311



Schwach - 7" (2014 - Refuse Rec./Raccoone Rec.)

Pressing Information:

First press:

  • 110 pink (23 of them have a special "ReleaseShow- Cover" with the "Schwach- Cat")
  • 210 black
  • 3 Testpress


Second press:

  • 200 white

Schwach - Demo (2013)


Pressing Information:


1st  Press: 50 with a white cover and yellow case

2nd press: 50 with a pink cover and white case



ca. 100 Copies