Schwach is originally Adrian (bass), Martin (drums), Tobi (vocals) and Markus (guitar).... and now with Chris (bass) and Tilo (guitar).... 

  • -We came together in spring of 2013 just to create some crappy punk/HC- songs in a style we love since we are teenagers ;) 
  • -In fall 2013 we released a demo
  • -after playing several shows we released a 7” in the beginning of 2014
  • -In 2015 we tried to play  many shows (inclusive a small tour through Spain :) and tried to write some new songs
  • -in the beginning of 2016 we recorded 12 new songs and finally released our full player in fall of 2016
  • - in 2017 we really played many shows
  • - now in the beginning of 2018 we recorded three new songs which hopefully will be released  soon. And we want to tour a lot!

We're always interested in playing shows and to meet new people. So,  write us! :-)

other and old projects of us:

Adrian: Show booking in Berlin, Punchek (best vegan baked cakes in Berlin!)

Martin: Take A Stand (2001- 2008), Till Jan Meinen (current)

Tobi: No Second Time (1999- 2002), Take A Stand (2001- 2008), On A Bad Trip (2005- 2009), Kami Ada (current), several show booking in Aurich and Berlin...

Markus: No Second Time (1999- 2002), Mac Gyver (2000- 2008), Zero Hero (2008- 2010), Failed (2010- 2013), iXodes rec. (2004- 2010), WastedTimeShows(2007-2012)

Chris: With Fire

Thilo: Shitake, Circle Kit