Schwach is originally Adrian (bass), Martin (drums), Tobi (vocals) and Markus (guitar).... and now with Chris (bass) and Tilo (guitar).... 

  • -We came together in spring of 2013 just to create some crappy punk/HC- songs in a style we love since we are teenagers ;) 
  • -In fall 2013 we released a demo
  • -after playing several shows we released a 7” in the beginning of 2014
  • -In 2015 we tried to play  many shows (inclusive a small tour through Spain :) and tried to write some new songs
  • -in the beginning of 2016 we recorded 12 new songs and finally released our full player in fall of 2016
  • -now in 2017 we are still around and want to play many shows!

Since Adrian and Markus became fathers and don't have much time anymore, Chris and Tilo are also part of the band now!

We're always interested in playing shows and to meet new people. So,  write us! :-)

other and old projects of us:

Adrian: Show booking in Berlin, Punchek (best vegan baked cakes in Berlin!)

Martin: Take A Stand (2001- 2008), Till Jan Meinen (current)

Tobi: No Second Time (1999- 2002), Take A Stand (2001- 2008), On A Bad Trip (2005- 2009), Kami Ada (current), several show booking in Aurich and Berlin...

Markus: No Second Time (1999- 2002), Mac Gyver (2000- 2008), Zero Hero (2008- 2010), Failed (2010- 2013), iXodes rec. (2004- 2010), WastedTimeShows(2007-2012)

Chris: With Fire

Thilo: Shitake, Circle Kit