Split 7" with Dessairago out soon!!!!

Hi there,

sorry, this webiste wasn't updated for a long time...we were very busy (and lazy) .

But we're  proud to say that we'll relaese a plit 7" with Dessaraigo from Cali/ Columbia!!! Check them out, they are awesome! It will be a split release by fire and flames music and frontal distribution.

We have a lot new merch, but some them are alreadey out of stock... sorry.

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US West Coast/Mexico Tour

Pretty exited for our next tour.

West Coast Tour
07/16/19 Oakland (US) @ Octopus
07/17/19 Seattle (US) @ Fusion Cafe
07/18/19 Olympia (US) @ Le Voyeur
07/19/19 Portland (US) @ Watershed
07/20/19 Eugene (US) @ tba.
07/21/19. Sacramento (US) @ On The Y
07/22/19 Davis (US) @ Armadillo Music
07/23/19 Fresno (US) @ Barmageddon
07/24/19 San Jose (US) @ tba.
07/25/19 Fullerton (US) @ Programme Skate and Sound
07/26/19 tba.
07/27/19 San Diego (US) @ Che Cafe
07/28/19 Tijuana (MX) @ tba.
07/30/19 Tecate (MX) @ tba.
07/31/19 Mexicali (MX) @ tba.
08/01/19 tba.
08/02/19 tba.
08/03/19 tba.

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Se bastasse una canzone

We're going on tour with Modern Love from Oslo. First time in Italy, see you!

03. Apr. Berlin - Subversiv

04. Apr. Freiburg - KTS

05. Apr. Imperia - Arci Camalli

06. Apr. Firenze - CSA Next Emerson

07. Apr. Milano - COA T28

08. Apr. Marburg - Rakete

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New Stuff

Just did a bunch of new hoodies. Also the songs for our upcoming split 7" with La Mirada del Tigre are in the mastering process right now, so hopefully it won't take too long till the record is ready.

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Goodbye 2018!

Good year for us, released a 7" and played almost 50 shows in nine countries.  Thanks to Dalle and Daniel for helping out on guitar and Imke for driving and Georg for selling merch! And of course special thanks to all people who organized shows, gave us food or a place to sleep.

See you in 2019

Happy New Year!



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New Recordings

Finally we recorded new songs for a split with our friends La Mirada del Tigre from Madrid. Will be out sooner or later in 2019.

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Spain Tour III


So here we go: the dates for our third trip to the península. See you soon!

Las fechas de nuestra tercera viaje a la península. ¡Hasta pronto!

Oct 10 Barcelona
Oct 11 Valencia
Oct 12 Zaragoza
Oct 13 Villabona
Oct 14 Bilbo
Oct 15 Ciudad Real
Oct 16 Madrid



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Back from Summertour

We're back home from tour, a bit tired but happy about another great opportunity to travel to distant places, meeting new and old friends and jam our songs. Massive thank yous to all the promoters, all the nice people giving us food, a place to stay or showed us around their cities, the bands we played with and - of course - to all the moshers. Very special thanks to our bad ass driver Imke, merchboy Georg and Daniel, for filling in on guitar last minute.


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New 7" "Gegeneinander" out now!

Our new 7" e.p. "Gegeneinander" is out now. You can order directly from us, via Antikörper Export in Europe or via Colder Than Ever in South- America.

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7" Preorder and Summer Tour 2018

Our new 7" "Gegeneinander" will be out soon. You can preorder it at Antikoerper Export!

Gonna have them ready for our Eurotour in August.


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New 7" "Gegeneinander" coming soon!

We recorded three new songs, which will be released as a 7" on "Antikörper Export". Check out the title track "Gegeneinander" at the "Music"- section or on Bandcamp!

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Tour is over

Se acabó la gira. Encontramos a gente super chévere, comimos approx. 10kg de plátanos, lentejas y arroz cada uno, tocamos unos de nuestros mejores conciertos hasta ahora y simplemente lo pasamos rechimba ;) Hardcore en Columbia y Ecuador nos gusta full. Hasta la próxima. Ojalá.

After countless hours on the bus our tour is finally over. We made numerous new friends, played probably some of our best shows so far and simply had a great time. Thanks to all the people who helped us out with shows, food and a place to stay.
Hardcore in South America is absolutely awesome.

Check out Postobon Manzana and these bands: Raw brigade, Desarraigo, Amenazas, GritaOmuerehc, Manicomio S.A., Por Instinto, Finlandia/Singapur, Motin HxC, La Mamá de Sánchez Punk, Vagales, Tamas, Lata

P.s.: After tour is before tour, we wanna hit the streets of southern/eastern europe in the first days of August. If you wanna do a show drop us a line.

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2nd press out now!

The second press of our "Kein Bock" LP is out now! It comes on purple wax, yeah.

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Disco tape

"Uga Uga Tapes" and "Black Cat Tapes" released a tape which contains our demo, the s/t 7" and the "Kein Bock"- LP. Check the merch- section!

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Colombia/Ecuador Tour

¡Vamos a América del Sur!
Tenemos fechas en Colombia y Ecuador este marzo/abril.
Looking forward to our first time overseas. In March and April we will tour in Colombia and Equador. Stoked!

Due to the unexpected demand and our need for money to tour, we did another edition of the "Kein Bock/Sloth"-Design. Check out the "merch"- section!

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Good Bye 2017, Hello 2018!

Looking back on 2017 we played many great shows. Thanks to everyone!

We just printed some new shirts. Money goes straight to "Rote Hilfe", which support people who got arrested during the protests against the G20 summit in Hamburg.

Apart from that our friend Felix took a video of our show at SO36 - check out the "video"- section for that.


For 2018 we plan many cool things, stay tuned!


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Great shows!

Hell Yeah!

- We played some great shows with the punk/ HC classics BATTERY and RAWSIDE! Thanks again for the great time! We hope to see some picture soon!

- There is a second press of our LP in the pressing plant now. It will be on violet vinyl. We still have some last copies of the first press (black vinyl)!

- We only have a few copies of our 7" (second press). There will be no third press!

...so be fast to save the last copies!


...and yes you can find us on instagram now as well...we know that's very weak.... https://www.instagram.com/schwach.hc/

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New shirts!


We have new hot shirt with a cool motive against capitalism. Due to the repression against left wing groups and the uprising of neoliberal thoughts and lacking of solidarity nowadays we think it is more than important to take a stand!

Next week we'll play at SO36 in Berlin on a benefit- show for the "Rote Hilfe" (Red Help), which is an organization that supports left wing people who are affected by repression.

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In August we're on vacation, but from next month we'll play many shows again. On the 21th of October we still need help for a show somewhere between Linz (Austria) and Berlin. So if you are interested or can help us, get in touch!

Have a nice summer!

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New sweatshirts!

Due to so many requests we made reprints of the SCHWACH- sweatshirts with some more nice colors. You can order them in pink, black, wine- red, dark- grey or bright- grey! Check the merch- section!

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Back from our Mini Tour!!!

We had three nice days together with the amazing Eat MY Fear in Czechia  and Poland.

Thanks to Kluci kámoši booking in Plzen Till and Atelier Polimierz in Pobiedna and Petra and Azyl Pivni Bar in Liberec for the great shows!!!!

And check these cool bands: Minus Youth, Snuff OutFight Them All and Lex!

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Back from Espagna!!!!

We'r back from our one- week tour through Spain. The wheather was not like we expected (it was snowing in Madrid!), so we have to revise our tour- poster ;).

Anyway the shows, the bands and espacially the people were amazing! We had a lot of fun and can't wait to come back!

Thanks to everyone who organized and visited the shows!  Special thnaks to José Warsong who organized the tour and supplied the van and the whole equipment...and to be the best driver in the world! Also special thanks to the amazing La Mirada Del Tigre who shared many shows with us.

Also cool bands to check out: Nueva Generation, Bushwhack, Tibia, Bisonte, Rekaida, Tres 41, Plastic Heap

Thank you! ¡Muchas gracias! Moltes graciès ! Mila esker! Danke!


We still have some of our "No Quiero"- tour shirts left...check out the merch- section and get in touch!





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Spain- Tour

- Yes!! We're touring the iberian penisular again! Check out the dates at our nice tour- poster above! Some shows are with the great "La Mirada Del Tigre" from Madrid. Check them out!

- We still have a lot of merch and we'll do some reprints soon, so get in touch, if you want something....

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New merch....

- We have some new merch (check out the merch section)....

- all songs of the new LP are now available at  bandcamp

- you can listen to the songs at youtube too....


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LP "Kein Bock" out now!!!!!

Yes! Our new LP is out now! You can order it here (just contact us) or through the labels: Refuse Rec.Raccoone Rec. / Antikörper Export


...or come to our  release- party on Saturaday the 15th of October in the "Subversiv in Berlin....

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New Shirts! LP almost done!

- Sorry I was very busy and lazy to update the website....

- We have new shirts with our nice LP- cover! Check the merch- section!

- The LP is almost done! The release Party is on 15th of ocotber in our living room, the "Subversiv" in Berlin- Mitte. It will be on the "Right Here- Right Now- Fest part 2" where a lot of cool bands are playing. So come by and bring your friends!

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LP coming soon!

All stuff is in the pressing plant right now and we hope everything will be done in the beginng of september!

It will be a co- release of Refuse Rec., Raccoone Rec. and Antikörper Export.  Check out these cool labels!

In August some of us are on vaccation, but in september we want to play a lot. Get in touch if you want to make a show with us.



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Spring is comming :D !!!


...and we have cool new sweatshirts for the new season ;)

Our recordings are getting mixed right now by one of the best recent hardcore bands: Government Flu!

So hopefuly we can send them to the pressing plant soon, so the LP will be out his summer! Yeah! :)

Check out for new shows!

Love! PMA!



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Recording new songs!


- Last Weekend we played a grat show at the Kastanienkeller with the legendaqry CymeonX and ManLiftingBanner...it was awesome thanks to all who shared the fun with us :)

- at the moment we're recording 12 new songs fo an upcoming LP. Yeah!

- since Tobi will be on tour with KamiAda through Colombia in february, there won't be any shows soon. Perhaps we will play  in march again, but it is not planned yet....

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Our small tour through the Iberian Peninsular was great! Thanks to WARSONG for making this possible, especialy thanks to José who organized the tour, rented his car to us and drove us the whole time! And of course thanks to the people who organized the shows  in Zaragoza, Madrid, Zestao and Zarauts!

¡Muchas gracias! Eskerrik asko! Moltes gràcies!


The people from "Straight Edge MAdrid" who used to organize the show  there got arrested because of stupid terror- laws. Please support them!





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Spain- Tour! Shirt reprint!

Hey Yo!

- In November we're  doing a small tour in Spain! For the 4th of November we're still looking for a show in Barcelona, so if you can help, please get in touch!

other dates:

05. Nov. Zaragoza

06. Nov. Madrid

07. Nov. Bilbao

08. Nov. Zarautz

- we reprinted some shirts, the "7- Cover"- design in white and the "demo- cover"- design in black

- cool review in Maximum Rock'n Roll (see above)!



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Free Valentin!

--On Friday, the 7th of August, we'll play together with "Feine Sahne Fischfilet" a benefit- show for Valentin in Bremen, who is in prison because he fought back an  attack of Nazi- hooligans during a football game of "Werder Bremen"..... here you can find more informations: http://valentin.blogsport.de/

if you want to help, you can donate some money, or write some letters:

Spendenkonto/ Donation Account:

Rote Hilfe e.V. Ortsgruppe Bremen
IBAN: DE71 2001 0020 0481 9122 06
Postbank Hamburg
Verwendungszweck/Reference: Freiheit für Valentin


Infoladen Bremen
C/O Valentin
St-Pauli-Str. 10-12
28203 Bremen


-- in September we'll play on two week- ends in Düsseldorf, Bremen, Hannover, Cologne and Bonn! It would be nice to see you at one of these shows!

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  • we played a lot of cool shows and met some really nice people and awesome bands! Check out Appraise, Fed Up, The Seeker, Almost Equal and of course the  incredible dirty people from the Schmutzstaffel !!!!
  • We made some benefit shirts. for the "KuB". Check out the merch section!
  • There is also a second press of our 7". They will all have a nice white color!
  • The xclusivx- zine wrote a nice article about us! you can read it here!
  • The new issue of the No spirit fanzine whith an interview of us is out now!
  • There is a new compilation of the "Let's keep Hardcore positive"- campaign with a song of us out now! Get it! Lot's of cool bands and a really good purpose!

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New Shows!

We'll play a lot of shows in spring and summer!

For instanace, from the 8th to the 10th of may we're on the road with "Appraise" from Barcelona!

Check them out: http://appraise.bandcamp.com/

We're always interested in playing shows. Just write us!


There will be new merch and a second press of our 7" soon!


In the next issue of the "No Spirit" fanzine there'll be an interview with us. It will be out  in the end of march/ beginning of april...


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Finally we have an own website apart from facebook and bandcamp. We hope you can find all Iinformation about our silly band here!

Take care and stay posi :D !!!

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