Hi Darren. Here you have "some" questions. Hope you like it!!!!

Cheerz Marcus.

Hi Darren, what's up in Antioch? Some news about Sadus or Testament? And what's up with the project with John Allen (SADUS drummer) and Chuck Billy?

It is going slow but it is great stuff... it is me and Steve writing the music and chuck on vocals... it is called Suicide Shift.. alot in the vein of sadus meets a testament dude.. Hey man, hope you understand my bad English, hahaha!

Are you ready to talk about the beginning of Sadus? How old are you now? we are all old and bald with hair in our ears and back... When did you start to play? How old were you at that point of time and what was the reason to start your own band and create your own music?

I started as a teen with sadus... and we wrote our own songs to make better music than what is out there.. we are still doing the same thing..

How did you find the other members? High School? Were there other members in Sadus before you recorded "Illusions"? Nope just the four original dudes.. from high school... cool...a./

Did you record a demo before you do the killing "Illusions" stuff?

Just a couple of rehearsal tapes and then the d.t.p. demo.. then illusions.

Do you have old merchandise for sale? Shirts? Or do you have some copy's from "Illusions" for sale! I would by one!

We have a couple left on records... i'll send you one if you send me a copy of your german carnage...

"Illusions" was self-financed, right? How many copies did you do from "Illusions"? And tell us about the recordings for that!

We sold alot of them from mail ourselves, yep self financed...also.. recorded with the help of the mighty John Marshall..

Who did the great artwork from "Illusions?

Rick Rogers.. he thought of the name Sadus also...

Darren, you are vocalist, guitarist and on every track you play solos together with Rob Moore. Can you tell me how do you do this stuff all together? Your vokill stile is very fast and hysteric, the guitarstile in Sadus too and the leads. Was this not a strain for you?

Yes.. but it gets easier and easier as you go.. lots of pressure... its great..

I must confess my first contact with SADUS was on the back cover on Death's "Leprosy". Chuck weared a pretty cool SADUS shirt on a picture. But in my opinion was this a time, were you can believe in a shirt that a musicians wear that this was a good band like SADUS it was. Your statement please!

I wouldn't wear a shit band shirt to save my life.. so Chuck was a person who loved Sadus and we were great friends for life.. Great person..Chuck..

Where did you get the aggression to write this hyper speed thrash songs? I mean this stile of thrash metal was unique. And tell us a little bit about the lyrics on "Illusions" except "Sadus attack", the lyrics for that song, I believe, understand the biggest idiot, hahaha

We love aggressive music.. and at the time thought we were the fastest and one of the best bands alive... and fuck everyone else...

Who were your influences? Kreator?

It may sound like it at times but no we were into alot of older music like Rush and stuff, but metal like metallica and slayer was also a great influence at the time of illusions..

"Illusions" brings you the deal with Roadracer Records, right? Who came up with the deal? Were you satisfied with the work from Roadracer Rec. for SADUS?

I think they suck.. but they helped us put out a couple of great albums Swallowed in Black and A vision of misery... two great albums ...

On Roadracers re- release from "Illusions" this fuckers changed the Lp title and the cover. Do you know why?

they didn't like our artwork.. and the artwork was the title so with the change in artwork, the name changed also... we didn't think much about it because we thought more people would buy the record labels product than the product we put out ourselves....but not the case... suck label..

After your second brutal strike "Swallowed in Black" you did a euro tour. Any good memories from that? Tell us a little bit about your time in Germany! I for myself can`t see Sadus, but a friend of mine (poser-Uwe) saw you and later he told me that Sadus was fuckin killer! A fucking brutal live act.

we had a great time touring at the time with morbid angel.. i cant wait to sometime go back....

Tell us about the recordings to "Swallowed in Black"! Did you have some fun in the studio? Tell us about your first professional record session? Michael Rosen did a fuckin`great job in my ears and when I hear "Swallowed." I get goosepimple by tracks like "Man Infestation", Last Abide", Powers of Hate" or "The Wake". The cover was brilliant, too! One of my all-time fave covers. Fuck! "Swallowed .." is one of my all-time favourite Thrash Metal albums together with "Illusions", natural!!!

thanks ....yes we had alot of fun with the recording of Swallowed.. we went to a big studio for the first time and spent alot of money......looking back, it wasn't the smartest thing to do.. but fuck we thought we were going to be rockstars or something? what a wake up..

How many copies you have sold from "Swallowed."? Do you have seen one penny for your works from Roadracer?

nope.. ???? they ripped us. a new hole..

Do you have a funny story to tell from your tour-life?

yeah but fuck i cant type very good so maybe next time... when i talk to you in Germany.. yeah..

What was your best gig and what was your badest gig with Sadus?had alot.. "Swallowed in Black" transported Thrash Metal on a higher level but Thrash was a dying stile at that point of time. Death Metal was the next big thing. How do you feel about that at that point of time? I mean you are one of those guys who saw the thrash star rising and dying, like myself, too.

it comes and goes and comes again...

In 1992 "A Vision of Misery" came out and I felt that Sadus lost their aggression. You all were better instrumentalists, no doubt but I for myself missed the speed and the aggression that makes tracks like "Sadus Attack", "Certain Death" or "And then you Die" to all time classics!

alrighty then// we were just doing what we wanted to do...

At next Sadus lost the Roadracer deal. Do you know why?

Not enough record sales i guess and i told them that they fucking sucked.. so they said bye bye..sadus..

Then you signed to Mascot Records in the Netherlands and they released at first a compilation called "Chronicles of Chaos" with tracks from your three records. Why this compilation? Did you see any bucks from that?

I think you did one record for Mascot but I forget the name, sorry. I think you can help us, or? Tell us a little bit about the record without a name, haha! Mascot didn't fix a tour for Sadus, right? Were you satisfied with their work for you?

man that stinks.. it was a grreat album called Elements of anger..., i think the best we have ever done....period.. just me jon and steve... no rob.. new label and it was great... you should check it out....

How many gigs did you do in your whole Sadus career? Did you play with all these great thrashmonsters from that point of time Possessed, Holy Terror, Sacrifice, Hexx and so on.

oh yeah... and then some...

Ok, Darren, leave the past behind! What is your favourite Sadus Fucker?

sadus fucker? probley that girl from mayberry n.c.//aunt bee..

And what is the worst song? Do you play old Sadus tracks sometimes? Name a few!

yes.... what ever they want to hear... we play a couple of years ago at a benifit for chuck billy and played a lot of songs from illusions..swallowed and the one you forgot about...

Are you into Metal nowadays and what are you hearing at that point of time?

im not very into the new wave of metal...just the old...there are some great bands out there though,.....

Any chances for a reunion or a European tour or a new Sadus record?


Are you proud that you've played with so fantastic instrumentalists that in Sadus were?

thanks..yes,, i love playing in sadus.. with jon and steve.

Do you give often Sadus intis nowadays? i really dont...give many interviews at all..

ever ... i think that is what you were asking..right..

Are you into hockey?

Haha yep.. love the Sharks...

Darren, that's all. I hope you've enjoyed it a little bit. Sorry for my bad English! Thanx for spending time. Greetings to all Sadus Members and to your family! Thanx for your music!!! Last words are yours! Thrash till death and raise the dead! Cheerz Marcus/ Carnage- Zine Take care! SADUS KILLS

thanks... i hope you can use it with such short answers...sorry...i hate to type... thanks to you marcus.... send me a link to your site..

saduskills[at] (Darren Travis)

Interview: Marcus