1999 - Promo CD (4.Demo)

Format: CD

6./7. February 1999 in
a rehearsal-room;
5./6. March 1999 vocals
recorded and mixed at

Soundlab studio

Rikard Jansson (v)
Urban Skytt (g, b)
Jocke Pettersson (d)

Guest musicians:
Mieszko Talarczyk (v, NASUM)
1. The Pulsating Feast
2. Claw-Hammer Castration
3. Copious Head Carnage
4. Carbonized Death
5. Skull Of Shit And Sludge
6. Fecal Freak
7. Dismantle The Afterbirth
8. Carnivorous Erection
9. Rancid Head Of Splatter
10. Breath Like Rotten Meat
11. Selfdismembowelment
12.The Combustion And Comsumption Of Pyorrheic Waste