1994 - Concrete Human Torture (3.Demo)

Format: Demo

Recorded and mixed:
Late September 1994
at the GMB Crematorium

Rikard Jansson (v)
Urban Skytt (g, b)
Johan "Joppe / Jocke" Hanson (b)
Peter Stjärnvind (d)

1. Basic Torture Procedure
2. Phrenetic Chainsaw Slaughter Of A Crippled Infant
3. Revel In Menstrual Excrements
4. Uncontrolled Anus Violation
5. Drugged, Raped And Excreted...
6. Self-Dismembered Foetus
7. Bloodsplattered Wideopen Abdomen
8. Deranged Menarche Injection
9. Bludgeoned To Death
10. Drastical Decapitation Of A Raped Infant
11. Forced Abortion Through The Rectum
12. Maiming The Defenceless
13. Bloody Ejaculation
14. Coprophagial Mutilator
15. A Putrid Reek Of The Decomposed Embryos
16. Putrefactive Bowel Consumer
17. Frenzy Faecal Munching