2001 - Split w/ Realized "Scream Bloody Whore" (Stuhlgang Records; STUHL 013)

Format: 7" (brown vinyl)

early August 1999
in a rehearsal-room

Rikard "Rugge" Jansson (v)
Urban "Ubbe" Skytt (g, b)
Jocke Pettersson (d)

Guest musicians:
Terjepunk (v)
1. Humiliated In Your Own Blood
2. Mayhamic Butchering Abortions
3. Bloody Pile Of Human Waste
4. Reek And Decay
5. Choked In Shit
6. Just Another Stillborn
7. I Wanna Kill
8. Robbed Of Your Bowels
9. Funeral Genocide