1993 (April) - Dirty Rhymes And Psychotronic Beats (Nuclear Blast Records; NB 078)
(1993 released in the USA as MC/MCD on Nuclear Blast America; NBA RED 6039)
(1993 released in Poland as MC on Loud Out Records; l.o.r. 038-93)
(1993 released in Australia as CD on Modern Invasion Music; MIM.6315)
(2001 rereleased as MCD on Nuclear Blast Records; NB 541)

Format: MLP (ltd. 2000
yellow Vinyl), MCD, MC

November 1992 at Sing
Sang Studio (Vienna)

Grandmaster Flesh (v/g)
Pitbull Jack (b)
Mr. Stench (d)

1. Praise The Names Of The Musical Assassins
2. Viva La Muerte
3. Why Can The Bodies Fly (Coverversion of ?)
4. Blood Pus And Gastic Juice (rare groove-mix)
5. Horny Little Piggy Bank
6. Four 'f' Club
7. Blood Pus And Gastic Juice (tekkno-house-mix)

Australian CD bonustrack:
8. Daddy Cruel

Rerelease 2001 bonustrack:
8. Madcatmachopsycho Romantik