1990 (April) - For God Your Soul... For Me Your Flesh (Nuclear Blast Records; NB 029)
(April 1993 rerecorded as LP, CD, MC on Nuclear Blast Records; NB 029)

original cover rerelease cover

Format (original): LP (black vinyl
with red font, black vinyl with green
font, ltd. 1000 splatter vinyl, ltd. 250
yellow vinyl)
, CD, MC

Format (rerecorded version):
LP (ltd. 2000 red vinyl), CD, MC

Recorded (original):
Dezember 1989 at Masterplan
Studio (Hildesheim-Germany)

Recorded (rerecorded version):
February 1993 at Sing
Sang Studio (Vienna, 7 tracks)
November 1992 at Sing
Sang Studio (3 tracks)

Martin Schirenc (v/g)
Jacek Perkowski (b)
Alex Wank (d)

1. Intro/Extreme Deformity
2. Hypnos
3. For God Your Soul... For Me Your Flesh
4. Just Let Me Rot
5. Pungent Stench
6. Bonesawer
7. Embalmed In Sulphuric Acid
8. Blood Pus & Gastric Juice
9. Suspended Animation
10. A Small Lunch

CD bonustracks:
11. Pulsating Protoplasma
12. Dead Body Love
13. Miscarriage
14. In The Vault
15. Rip You Without Care
16. Festered Offals
17. Pungent Stench
18. Extreme Deformity
19. Mucous Secretion
20. Molecular Disembowelment
track 11-15: "Split w/ Disharmonic Orchestra"
track 16-17: "Pleasure Of Life" sampler
track 18-20: "Extreme Deformity" 7"