Hy guys! What's up in Topeka? I have to say, that your latest longplayer "I.I.I." is a real masterpiece of brutal blasting death metal with also technical influences. I think, it's one step better than your debut, course faster and also a little bit less hc influences. What do you think?

Thanks! I can agree, obviously, that the album is faster. It also flows much better, the song writing is better, the addition of James and Mike makes things that much better as well. As a whole, i think it shows just how much a serious band can mature in just two years time.

You've got a new vocalist, which is also an advantage of this CD and a new bassist. Did they play in other bands before ORIGIN or are they fresh blood?

They both have experience in home town bands. Mike has been a friend of the bands for a long time. With James, he sent us a demo of his old band and we asked him to come down and try out.

What's up with the former two members? Why did they leave the band and are they now involved in other bands?

Both members decided in their own ways that they couldnt carry on with Origin anymore. I still keep in touch with Doug from time to time. Everyone is on good terms.

There is a track, which is also on your debut. Why did you recorded the track? I think it's more like a part II, than a normal rerecording!

The mentality behind re-recording „Mental Torment“ was basically to show the people what the new line up was capable of with an older song. Ist also a favorite of the bands and of many people outside of the band.

You did a coverversion of DEATHs "Flattering Of Emotion". Why did you choose these tracks. Is it "only" a tribute to Chuck or are DEATH a real big influence of you?

We had decided to do Flattening of Emotions before Chuck had passed away. It was really strange for us when his passing came. We thought on it for a while and decided it would be a cool way to pay tribute. We are all very influenced by Chuck and Death. Human was actually the first death metal album I ever bought. Its still undecided if we are going to play it live.

I think, that you got the best label for your sick music. What do you thin about Relapse? Which bands are you favourite ones of the label?

I really like Nile, Uphill Battle, Cephalic Carnage, Dysrhythmia, there are quite a few actually. They've been a great label for many years. It’s definately a very positive thing to be on Relapse. I think Relapse has quite a bit in store for Origin and this album.

What's up with an European tour? I think, that it's easier than ever before for to get on a tour, which such a killer in the back hand. Are there some plans?

There is talk going on about it. It will happen. The question is when. We SHOULD be able to make it over rather soon, but nothing has been planned yet. We are basically in the beginning stages reguarding Europe. It WILL happen though.

By the way, you did also a US tour with NILE and HATE ETERNAL. How was it? I hope very successfully, cause every three band did one of the best releases in this year!

That tour was a blast! Everyone got along real well, the crowds were awsome. Most of the shows were sold out. It was a real plesure to be able to go on before Hate Eternal considering Derrik Roddy is one of my biggest influences.

You were formed in January 1998, but are so damn fuckin' cool shit, so I think it's not your first band. You were in ANGEL CORPSE and your former bassist were in CEPHALIC CARNAGE. What's up with the other members?

Yes i was in Angelcorpse. Paul, Jeremy and Mark all came from numerous bands in Topeka. Everyone out there has known each other for the better part of 10 years, so it was natural for Paul and Mark to form Origin with Jeremy. At that point they had a guitarist by the name of Clint Appelhanz playing bass, and a drummer named George Fluke. We are still close with Clint.

I've read that Mike is also involved in a band call UNMERCIFUL. Tell me more about the band. What did they release, which kind of music do they play and who is also involved in the band?

Unmerciful is Clints band that Mike is playing in on the side. Very brutal death metal in a similar vein to Origin. Very short, brutal 2-3 min songs.

In the beginning of ORIGIN there were also an other line-up. Why did they left the band and are they still in business?

The original drummer, George, is now teaching and playing other types of music. I think he just got tired of playing brutal music. At that point he had been doing it for quite some time and i think he was ready to try other things. Clint, the original bassist, is actually a guitarist. Hes currently building a recording studio, he also has his band UNMERCIFUL which he plays guitar in.

In summer 1998 you recorded your first and only demo. Which tracks were on the tape and did they also get attention on your debut? Where did you recorded the demo and what's the title of it?

A Comming into Existence“ is the name of the demo. It has 4 songs, Lethal Manipulation, Sociocide, Manimal Instincts, and Inner Reflections. Jeremy and I went to Milwaukee Metalfest and handed out demos to all the labels. It was Relapse that called back within a week. The demo has actually been remixed and mastered and is availible on CD directly from the band.

You got the chance to play your first show with SUFFOCATION. How was the show and what do you think in general about SUFFOCATION? Do you know what they are doing now?

That show was obviously a great start for Origin. I was not yet a part of the band, but the crowd response was huge for the band that night. Suffocation is a huge influence for the band. I just recently heard they are reuniting.

Today there are sooo many band, which names SUFFOCATION as there main influence, but before something like six years SUFFOCATION got not that attention than today. What do you think, how comes?

Because they broke up.

OK, I think that's it till now! What are the next Stepps of ORIGIN? Did you have some new tracks in the back? Perhaps a 7" will be very cool!

Next step, we have two US tours actually, back to back. The first is with Vader and Immolation, and then we step right into a tour with All that Remains, Scar Culture, and Crematorium. After that, a 7"? I dont know. That would be very cool.

Interview: Leif