Hi John you fuckin Hammerhead. Whats up in little Italy? Any nwes about Necrodeath?

Hi Marcus! Everything is ok here in Italy and NECRODEATH are back in the rehearsal preparing the new songs which will be recorded in February 2003 in Rome.

Can you tell ua a little bit about the beginning of Necrodeath and your older releases?

Necrodeath was formed back in 1985 by Claudio (guitars), Peso (drums), along with Ingo (vocals) and Paolo (bass). Their first two albums "Into the Macabre" and "Fragments of insanity" were released in 1987 and 1989 and many famous bands like Cradle of Filth, Cannibal Corpse, Immortal, Brutal Truth, and At the Gates have cited Necrodeath as personal favourites in their interviews, because those two great albums. I can't say you more about the early days of Necrodeath because I joined the band in 1998...

"Black as Pitch" is a fuckin killer who blows minds miles away. Congratulation to this masterpiece of hate. You guys worked really hard to release such an outstanding record?

We do just what we feel. We are not professional musicians and we work in a quiet way, we're not under pressure and the way we compose the songs is very easy!

There is a lot of hate in Flegias words and voice. Is Flegias a little bit insane?

Yes sure! I think he's the most insane man I've ever known... He's full of hate but he's also a great musician, and there's no way to fear him, because the only thing he want from life is to have fun, as other Necrodeath


You recorded in Sweden, Västerås. Why not in Italy to get a pretty sound like Rhapsody or those "sort" of bands?

Rhapsody is a power metal band, we are a thrash-black band, and our sounds have to be different, of course. In 1998, before recording "Mater of all evil" we listened to some production of the Underground Studios in Västerås, and we thought that that was the sound we needed, that's why we went there... The next album will be recorded in Rome, because now there's a studio that give records a powerful sound... We went to Sweden because there's a great studio, but there's no other particular reason.

Have heard that you play in a power metal side project with very "interesting" classical guitar twin sounds and many pretty choirs, haha.

???? Who told you this shit????

How old are you guys and what are you doing when you not play live? I think Flegias is a religious preacher, right, hahaha.

Peso and Claudio are the "old men" of the band, Flegias is a bit younger and I'm the youngest, our ages are between 26 and 3x... and in our life we are doing what everyone does, as I've told you we are not professional musicians and there's no religious preachers...

I have never see you in germany for some live gigs and after "Black as.." you didn`t do a tour. What have you done since the release?

We have had many gigs in Italy, but we never played outside, even if a lot of guys, above all from Germany, would like us to go there for a tour. I don't know why, maybe for the next albums we'll come...

Tell us a little bit about your live gigs! Any effects?

Just a guitar, a bass, a drum and the voice of Flegias... and loud volume!

Do you know Slayer, hahaha.

Slayer is the many influence of Necrodeath, and we have never hidden this...

Where do you get all the inspiration to write such hatefull and agressive musick?

It is sufficient to turn on the TV and watch any news program... The world is full of hate, and we feel this situation. The life itself is our main inspiration.

In my opinion the fast tracks are the highlights on the record. "Mortal Consequence", "Sacrifice 2K1" or "Churchs black Book". Tracks like "Red as Blood" or "Process of Violation" are in a more atmospherical way but even brutal! What are your "favourites" on the album?

My personal favourites are "Red as blood" and "Church's black book", because they have a great riffing!

What do you think about the new wave of italian power metal? Tons of second class Helloween clowns reaches us every fuckin`month, slaying us with lalala riffs and keyboardcheese but I hear nothing about Thrash Acts or Death Metal Bands, expect Hour of Penance or Natron. Do you know these guys? And do you know some other pretty bands that are worth our mention?

The Italian scene is now full of power-metal bands and nothing else. I don't know the bands
you mentioned and I don't know other great thrash bands. Maybe there are some good death metal band, but the top of the market is only power-metal...

What means Death/ Thrash Metal to you?

It means going faster and playing louder! And to have a lot of fun at the concerts!!!!!!

When comes a new album and when will Necrodeath hit Germanys stages?

The new album will be released at the end of 2003, then we'll have some concerts and maybe we'll come to Germany, if we are not busy in our jobs...

What are you hearing at that point of time and tell us your alltime faves, please!

At now I'm listening a lot to Fear Factory and Rammstein. I think these are the bands that now are doing original and great music. My favourite of all time are some great band of the 70's, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and the classics of the 80's, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer.

How many copies you have sold from "Black as Pitch" and tell us please about the reactions, reviews etc.!

We had many good reviews everywhere in the world. We receive a lot of email everyday from all over the world, asking for interviews or gigs, that's why I answer very late to interviews... I don't know how many copies we have sold of "Black as Pitch" exactly, but I think now we are about 4000 copies sold, plus the licences.

You are Italians, so you are into football! What do you think about the "italian massacre" at the world championship? Do you like South-Coreans or Japaneses, hohoho. Hey, take it with some fun!

AAAAAAHHHHHH I don't hate South Koreans or Japanese, and I don't hate Ecuadorian as well, but I would like to kill everyone of them... Thieves! I cried when we lose the match versus Korea... because the fucking system of the football-market-shit.

What do you expect from Scarlet Records? Are you satisfied with their work for Necrodeath?

We have always worked with Scarlet in a quiet and easy way, and we are satisfied, and our partnership is lasting, we don't know another labels with whom we should sign.

O.k., John, that's all from this point of time. I wish you all the best for the future. Hope to meet you anytime in Germany. The last words are Necrodeath`s. Cheers and RAISE THE DEAD.

Thank you for giving us the chance to have this interview. I say "fuck you guys, keep on thrashing!" to all your readers, and remember to take a look at www.necrodeath.com to have the latest news about the band! Ciao!


Interview: Marcus