1998 (27. October) - Apocalyptic Revelation (GUN Records; GUN 163)
(2001 rereleased as CD on Century Media)

Format: CD

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Alex Carmago (v/b)
Moyses Kolesne (g)
Max Kolesne (d)

1. Creation's Scourge
2. Kings Of Killing
3. Apocalyptic Victory
4. Aborticide (In The Crypts Of Holiness)
5. March Of The Black Hordes
6. Vengeances Revelation
7. Rites Of Defamation
8. Meaning Of Terror
9. Rises From Black

Bonustracks from rerelease:
10. They Call Me Death (from "Unmerciful Order")
11. Unholy Blasphemies (MORBID ANGEL cover)
12. Silent Scream (SLAYER cover)