1995 (14. August) - Black Force Domain (Dynamo Records; DYN 012)
(1997 rereleased as CD on GUN Records; GUN 147)
(26. June 2001 rereleased as CD on Century Media)

Format: CD

Recorded and mixed:
March-April 1995 at
Army Studio (Sao Paulo)

Alex Carmago (v/b)
Moyses Kolesne (g)
Max Kolesne (d)

1. Black Force Domain
2. Messiah Of The Double Cross
3. Hunter Of Souls
4. Blind Possession
5. Evil Mastermind
6. Infamous Glory
7. Rejected To Perish Below
8. Meanest Evil
9. Obssession By Evil Force
10. Sacrifice Of The Unborn

Bonustracks Century Media version:
11. Nuclear Winter (SODOM cover)
12. Total Death (KREATOR cover)