2007 (January) - Split w/ FUNEBRARUM - Conjuration of the Sepulchral
(Conqueror Of Thorns Records; COT 006)
(LP version will be released in 2008 by Blood Harvest Records)

Format: LP (black vinyl), CD

April/May 2006 at
Black Lounge Studio

Johan Jansson (v/g)
John Forsberg (g)
Martin Schulman (b)
Kennet Englund (d)

Guest musicians:
Jonas Kjellgren (solos
on track 6 + 8)
1. Intro - Conjuration Of The Sepulchral
2. Kingdom Of Suffering Souls
3. Caught In A Vortex (ABHORRENCE cover)
4. Into The Grave (GRAVE cover)
5. Grave Reaper

6. Infernal Damnation
7. Black Hollow Black
8. A Descent Hell
9. Breeding Spawn
10. Outro - The Soul Collector