Hi Joel! Hey, any news from your sex-experiences with your vocalsist!

Sorry no news! But I heard you got fucked in your ear by a pig! Is that true???

How do you fell, with such a great CD like "Relentless Reltaliation" in your back?

It feels great! We love the sound and production. It's heavy and brutal as fuck ! Ha ha.I'm proud of it! Cool that you liked it!

Please tell us something about the beginning of IMMERSED IN BLOOD! How is the scene in Angered and what are you doing the whole day?

In the beginning of IMMERSED IN BLOOD? What can I say? Me and Johan(guitar) formed IMMERSED IN BLOOD when our previous band (INVERTED) deicided to rest in pieces. Thats the beginning of IMMERSED IN BLOOD.! Ha ha...The scene in Angered sucks! There is no scene in Angered if we are talking about death metal! If not then you will find alot of shit bands (hip hop, rock, pop etc.). There is another death metal band called KARNARIUM here in Angered. I think they have two demos out. I'm not sure. I'm working, eating, watching tv & sleeping to make it short.

I think, that KAAMOS, INSISION and of course you belongs to the best bands in Swedish brutal death metal. Are you in contact with these bands and do you play live with them? Perhaps you don’t know them? I hope not!

Oh, thanks! I know both bands that you mentioned and are in touch with them! We have played three times with INSISION so far and will play again with them in June 1st at "GOTHENBURG DEATHFEST" here in Gothenburg, Sweden. KAAMOS will also play there. Other brutal bands from Sweden I can recommend is SPAWN OF POSSESSION, VISCERAL BLEEDING.all these bands will play at "GOTHENBURG DEATHFEST". For more info about "GOTHENBURG DEATHFEST" check out: http://come.to/brutalgbg

What do you think, why DM-bands have to release many demos, before they have the opportunity to get more popular and many average Power Metal bands or melodic DM bands got a deal without a demo and are doing bad music with a great production?

I think it's because most of the labels who signs shit bands sucks and they have a bad taste of music and are trend gays. I guess power metal or melodic death metal is catchy and commercial then brutal death metal. There
are catchy death metal bands but still brutal!!! Also alot of kids today are afraid to discover new bands. I guess bands who releases many demos want to spread their names first in the underground. Or maybe they are not ready to release a CD? I don't know?

Your demo "Eine Kleine Deathmusik" was already a great one, when I think about the stuff and also the production. "Relentless.." is even better in both points! I think, it’s very great that you have pure aggression in songs like "Celestial Carnage" (highlight!) The songs on the MCD are also much more straighter than the demo!

Thanx for the nice words! The question is more like a review so I don't know what to say more than thanx! I hope more people will or want to discover new bands like us and will buy our MCD!!! That would be great!

Joel, I have to say that I don’t like death metal, but only bands such as Hammerfall, Primal Fear or Stratovarious, but Leif, the editioner, pays every month 4000 dollars for making interviews and reviews. What do you think about that?

Cool!!! You know, money talks and bullshit walks!!! Ha ha! I don't like death metal either but I play death metal so I can become a huge rock star and make shitloads of money!!! Ha ha.

Some influences of your musick should have come from bands like SUFFOCATION, BRUTALITY, MONSTROSITY or old CRYPTOPSY. Some bans you have to add?

Well those bands you've mentioned are our influences but not BRUTALITY. I like their demos and debut album but they are not our influences. I would like to add IMMOLATION, MALEVOLENT CREATION, INCANTATION, SADISTIC INTENT, ANGELCORPSE, GORGASM, HATE ETERNAL to name a few.

Do you still listen to older stuff, for example ATHEIST, CANCER or SACRIFICE and which bands are your actual runners?

Yeah, sometimes I do but thats not often. If I listen to older stuff I usally listen to SUFFOCATION, DARK ANGEL and KREATOR. My actual runners are right now GORGASM, CENTURIAN, DISAVOWED, TANGERINE DREAM, BRODEQUIN, PROPHECY.

Your guitars are very low-tuned, which is quite obvious at "Celestial Carnage" From where did you get this idea to do that?

I don't know.we just wanted to have a heavy guitar sound. So it was natural to down tune our guitars.
There are no lyrics inside the booklet, so please tell me something about the content of them.

It's the usual topics.about death.destruction.gore.a little bit of satan etc. Ha ha.

The cover of the MCD is very cool, but also very near to DEVASTATIONs "Idolatry". Conscious or subconscious?

DEVASTATION you say?! Hmm. I don't know. I don't have the album you mentioned so I can't say anything. Also I guess that the guy who did the cover has never heard of DEVASTATION. I only have the "Signs Of Life" album.

My friend Uwe is a fuckin' poser. Tell me, what hall I do with him?

Well if he is a poser tell him to leave the hall or kill him! Ha ha ha.or bring him to a MANOWAR concert !!!

Joel, that should be everything! I hope you enjoyed the interview a little bit. Last words goes out to you! And please, don't forget to add your prices for merchandises and I hope you have great t-shirts! Stay brutal and cheerz to everyone in the band!

Yeah! Thanx for the interview Marcus/Leif and CARNAGE zine! It was cool! Super cool! We have logo t-shirts now and it's available for 16US$. Send cash to my address. Our demo "Eine Kleine Deathmusik"is still available (5 US$) and our MCD "Relentless Retaliation"(7 US$). My last words are hello to Hacker and Andi (UNHOLY TERROR zine). Visit our web site at: http://listen.to/immersedinblood. Ok...thats it!

Interview: Marcus