Ok, that's something like the second part of the LEUKEMIA interviews, cause Lord K. again answers my questions. A little bit boring interview, cause the alcohol in Sweden is very strong, haha. Lord K. wasn't from the beginning in the band, so it's not that in-depths it should be, but... fuck off!!!

You also played in HOUSE OF USHER, but you was not in the band since the beginning. Perhaps you can tell me something about the beginnings of the band? When did they started and what did they release before the "On The Very Verge" 7"?

I don't know man. I don't even know how I ended up in the band but I do know they helped me to progress as a drummer. They were really addicted to their stuff and they were all good musicians. I know nothing about their story though but those times were great fun. Another of those bands that never officially said "we quit", we just drifted apart and moved on to other things.

In 1991 they released (still without you) the mentioned 7". Do you know how they get to the label Obscure Plasma?

Not a fucken clue, haha! I guess they sent them a demo or something. That's how it worked back in the days.

In the same year they contribute the track "Battle Of Spectrum" to the cool sampler "Projections Of A Stained Mind". Do you know, if the track were earlier
released on a demo?

I think that song was originally recorded for that album and later re-recorded (in a much better version).

After that you joined the band in 1993. Am I right?

Haha, if you say so, I don't remember when I joined them and I can't remember when we disbanded.

You released a demo simply called "Promo 2". Which tracks were on the recording and what can you tell me about the music?

Hmm, I think there were two tracks on that tape and except for the vocals they are some heavy fucken thrashers. I dig my drums on that one too and seeing it was recorded pretty much live in studio, it's even better. I think the songs were called "Borderlines" and "Off Of Us", or something like that. It's a good fucken tape.

Also in 1993 there were the demo "When Being Fucked With". The two Janis (drums and vocals) left the band. Do you know why and what they did after that?

Hmm, I think drummer-Jani went on to be a skinhead and started to play in some band like that. The other guy I have no idea about. That demo was my first recording with them.

There is a track called "On The Very Verge". Were this track an older track or why did you choose the same title as the single?

Lemme think here" I wasn't involved with the music/lyrics really, but I think they decided to name this track that just to be cool. I have no fucken idea.

Hey, who is your only true fan Glenning? Is it the only guy, who bought your demo, haha?

Some friend of the band, I never knew him too well really but I guess he was really supportive and all.

What's up with the music. I think it's also, like LEUKEMIA, not that real death metal, but more technical and slow metal with some death metal influences. What did you think and how were the differences next to the demos?

Yeah, HOUSE OF USHER really had some kind of a unique sound and they were really good at composing some more original shit. It was some deathrash mix with some cooler stuff thrown in. I don't really understand the second part of the question, must be becoz it's fucken late here..

If I'm right HOUSE OF USHER also disbanded after the "When..." demo, right? Do you know what the other members did? I only know that Martin Larsson joined AT THE GATES...

No, we did the other demo before quitting, or whatever the hell we did. Martin joined ATG, Mattias went on with some crust-bands I guess. The other guys... I have no fucken idea.

By the way, Martin also played in MACRODEX. Do you have some infos about the band? I have to say, that I only know the "Projections..." comp. track and the CRYPT OF KERBEROS stuff.

MACRODEX was a good death metal band run by a guy who's name escapes me. I just remember he wasn't very liked by any of his bandmembers and CRYPT OF KERBEROS was actually four of the guys in MACRODEX leaving that band to start something of their own. They did good music though, as far as I can remember.

Ok Kentha, I think that was a little bit boring, but I don't care, haha. Thanks to you and good luck with THE PROJECT HATE and GOD AMONG INSECTS!!!

Thanx a lot man. Sorry for not being more in-depth with this, but I don't remember shit all too well, since it's been a while to say the least. It was fun answering it though. Hail Satan!

Interview: Leif (2004)

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