1993 - And Here I Die... Satisfied (Century Media; CM 77062)
(2001 rereleased as CD with "You'll Never See..." MCD on Century Media)

original cover rerelease cover

Format: MCD

track 1-3: 27.-29. July 1993
at Musicano Studio (Visby)
track 4-6: October 1990
at Nobel Studio (Bielefeld-Germany)

Line-up (track 1-3):
Jörgen Sandström (v/g/b)
Ola Lindgren (g/backing v)
Jensa Paulsson (d)

Line-up (track 4-6):
Jörgen Sandström (v/g)
Ola Lindgren (g/v)
Jonas Torndal (b)
Jensa Paulsson (d)
1. And Here I Die... Satisfied
2. I Need You
3. Black Dawn
4. Tremendous Pain
5. Day Of Mourning
6. Inhuman

Bonustracks rerelease:
"You'll Never See..." record