1993 - The Erosion Of Sanity (Roadrunner; RR 9114)
(2004 rereleased as CD with "Considered Dead" on Roadrunner; RR 8266)
(2006 rereleased as CD (ltd. 2000) on Metal Mind Productions)

Format: CD

? at Victor Studio (Quebec)

Luc Lemay (v/g)
Sylvain Marcoux (g)
Eric Giguere (b)
Stephane Provencher (d)

1. With Their Flesh He'll Create
2. Condemned To Obscurity
3. The Erosion Of Sanity
4. Orphans Of Sickness
5. Hideous Infirmity
6. A Path Beyond Premonition
7. Odors Of Existence
8. Dormant Misery

Bonustracks rerelease 2006:
9. A Path Beyond Premonition
10. Disecting The Adopted