1991 - Considered Dead (Roadrunner; RR 9273)
(2004 rereleased as CD with "The Erosion Of Sanity" on Roadrunner; RR 8266)
(2007 rereleased as Digi-Pak on Metal Mind Productions)

Format: LP (black vinyl), CD

? at Morrisound Studio (Tampa-Florida)

Luc Lemay (v, g)
Sylvain Marcoux (g)
Eric Giguere (b)
Stephane Provencher (d)

Guest musicians:
James Murphy (g, OBITUARY, CANCER, etc.)
Chris Barnes (backing v, CANNIBAL CORPSE)

1. ...And Then Comes Lividity
2. Stiff And Cold
3. Disincarnated
4. Considered Dead
5. Rottenatomy
6. Bodily Corrupted
7. Waste Of Mortality
8. Drifting Remains
9. Hematological Allergy
10. Inoculated Life

Bonustracks rerelease 2007:
11. Considered Dead
12. Rottenatomy