2008 - Teasers (-)

Format: website only

Infos (track 1+2):
The new songs are recorded in our
own studio RedLead Recordings. Except for the drums which are recorded in Studio Viken in Norrköping where Dirks
kit is located.

Infos (track 3):
A newly recorded track not to be taken too seriously. Written and recorded
during a chaotic jam session in
Norrköping under heavy influence of alcohol.
Thanx to Jörgen Greek (of SODOMIZER 69) for excellent bass playing and an extremly contagious punk attitude.
1. Devoured
2. Remants Of The Art
3. Entombed In A Pile Of Corpses
(track 1+2 later on the "Remants..." 7")
(track 3 also called "Zombie" on MySpace)